Liquid Force Axis Wakeboard

Liquid Force

Axis wakeboard

Kevin Henshaw has ridden nearly every board in the LF line, and he took that experience with him when he and Jimmy Redmon designed his new pro model, the Axis. Henshaw took what he liked from all of Liquid's other boards and added his own flair. The result is a board designed to go bigger, track better and land softer.


Aggressive 3-Stage Hard Rocker

This rocker is straighter through the center with an exaggerated curve out the tips. It features quick transitions into the tail section for straight-up pop off the wake.

D.I.S.C. Hull Through the Center

Double Inside Single Concave. This softens landings while maintaining board speed

Quad Channel / Quad Fin

Controls the water flow through the ends for extra thrust and lift

Variable Edge Rail

Rolled edge through the midsection, which becomes sharper as it moves towards the tips. This makes the board forgiving and catch-free through the middle, and hard-cutting and fast off the tail.