Liquid Force 2006 Limited Edition Bindings

What: Minx Pink Argyle ($299.99), Spyhnx Stealth ($299.99), Transit Snow Camo ($329.99), Shane Black with White/Gray Argyle ($399.99), Watson Black with Red Plaid ($379.99)

Why: "We wanted to give some cool and unique color options for all of our high-end boots," says Liquid Force marketing manager Don Wallace. "If the normal boot was plain, we made the limited boot have some flash. The normal boots tend to match our combos, but with the limiteds we can get a bit more creative and loose with our design ideas. Basically it's just fun to have other color options."

How many: They call them limited for a reason. Liquid Force made only 1,000 each of the limited-edition Minx, Sphynx and Transit bindings and just 500 each of the special-edition Watson and Shane boots. If that doesn't sound insanely exclusive, consider that those numbers are spread across LF's entire international market. If you want a pair in the States, you'll have to act fast.

Where to get them: Most of LF's best dealers received shipments of the Minx, Sphynx and Transits in late January, and they'll get the Watson and Shane boots this month. Most of the major online wake retailers also received shipments, but no one received many, so get there first.