TransWorld’s Top 10 Photos of 2012!

December 11, 2012

Here they are, the short list. The very cream of the crop. The Top 10 photos that graced the pages of TransWorld Wakeboarding in 2012. As always, we have to thank the incredibly talented group of photographers that provided us with these astounding images. Without them, this magazine would be nothing but words, and everyone knows we just read the words to get to the next photo. We’d also like to thank the riders that made all these captivating moments happen, and for inspiring us all to do what we all love. Keep that edge progressive!

These are in no particular order.

Randall Harris by Rodrigo Donoso
Dieter Humpsch by Jason Lee
Oli Derome by Spencer Smith

Derek Cook by Rodrigo Donoso


Ben Horan by Jason Lee

JD Webb by Ryan Taylor

Davis Griffin and Chris Abadie by Bryan Soderlind

Clay Fletcher by Bill Doster

Randall Harris by Spencer Smith
Chris O

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