Best of: Jason Lee Photos 2012

Jason Lee, the winner of this years TransWorld Wake Photographer of the Year Award has been producing top level photos for years, but this year can put his name up along side past winners like Josh Letchworth, Joey Meddock, and Bryan Soderlind.  One of the nicest guys you will ever meet, J Lee is one of the riders’ favorites to work with due to his flexibility, creativity, hard work, and laid-back style.  The industry recognized Jason Lee as the 2012 Photographer of the Year at the Wake Awards, and chances are J Lee was out shooting within a few days.  Check out our favorite J Lee photos from this year.

Shawn Watson Ole 7 | Photo: Jason Lee
Dieter Humpsch Pro Spotlight | Photo: Jason Lee
Ben Horan Heelflip | Photo: Jason Lee
JD Webb Stalefish | Photo: Jason Lee
Jeff Langley Tail Tantrum to Blind | Photo: Jason Lee
Ben Greenwood Wrapped Mute Backside 540 | Photo: Jason Lee
Collin Harrington Sailboat Wall Ride | Photo: Jason Lee
Danny Harf Stalefish Front Flip | Photo: Jason Lee
Dieter Humpsch Kickflip | Photo: Jason Lee