Large-Format Gallery: Red Bull Winch Trip

November 3, 2011

Last week, Brian Grubb, Ben Horan, Matt Hooker and Dieter Humpsch all took a small trip around some Central Florida winch spots with Cullen Traverso and the Red Bull Pinz. Check out the large-format web gallery that we received courtesy of our senior photographer Jason Lee.

Keep an eye out for an video edit of all of the spots that they hit coming soon!

Ben Horan, Matt Hooker and Dieter Humpsch get ready to rock
Grubb shuvs the Anderson gap
Cullen mans the winch driving duties
Ben Horan, heelflip on the Anderson gap
Hooker front boards the Anderson ledge
Grubb, Dieter and Hooker in the Red Bull Pinz
Dieter with a front bigspin
Cullen takes a much needed break
Grubb with a 3 shove on the salty-fresh gap
Diets and his new chopper!
Beni kickflips the M-Gap
Waxing it up
Hooker front noseslide on the freshly waxed ledge
Grubb, backside 180
Ben Horan
Dieter Humpsch with a boardslide front shuv
Hooker, backside 360
Dieter Humpsch, front shuv
Ben Horan kickflips the Anderson gap
Hooker back bigspins up the small drop
Brian Grubb
Dieter back lips the ledge

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