Photo Gallery: Best Reef Girls Ads Ever

“What happened to the Reef Girls ads?” Over the years, that’s probably the lament most frequently voiced by WAKEBOARDING readers as Reef Girls ads came and went in the pages of WBM. We feel your pain. After all, who didn’t look forward to opening up a new issue and seeing the beautiful backside of the Reef Girls staring back at you. Sure, the annual Miss Reef calendar provided some solace, but there was nothing quite like the anticipation of a new mag and with it a new Reef Girls ad.

Well, we decided to satisfy some of that Reef Girls nostalgia by assembling some of the best Reef Girls ads to ever grace the pages of WAKEBOARDING. The following ads also serve as a look back at some of your favorite riders — from Scott Byerly and Shaun Murray to JD Webb and Brandon Thomas. Let’s be honest, though, these ads were always more about the Reef Girls than the riders.

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