Photo Gallery: Nike 6.0's Curacao Campaign

Most of you probably think of Curacao as the key ingredient for making blue margaritas, but it also happens to be a scenic tropical island in the South Caribbean, where Nike 6.0 sent its team of riders for a week in March to ride and shoot its newest advertising campaign.

Team captain Silas Thurman and photographer Joey Meddock wrangled wakeboarders Adam Errington, Steel Lafferty, Eddie Valdez and Kevin Henshaw as well as wakeskaters Nick Taylor, Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura, James Balzer and Matt Manzari to stay at an all-inclusive resort and get as creative as possible with Horan’s signature winch. It didn’t take long for the crew to draw a whole lot of attention, and the locals quickly came forward with offers to let the riders use their wakeboard boats.

Photos: Joey Meddock