Photo Gallery: In Praise Of Rockstar Girls

Thanks to the Pro Wakeboard Tour's new action-packed format, there's more to love about the King of Wake than ever before. Double-up contests so close to shore that you can feel the spray coming off Rusty Malinoski's Hyperlite wakeboard as he spins another contest 1080. A rock concert atmosphere fueled by DJ Brandon Thomas and drummer Mike Mantis.

Yep, there's plenty to be pumped about on this year's King of Wake World Series. But we'd be lying if we didn't admit that one of our favorite parts of the King of Wake has nothing to do with what's happening on the water. After all, there are few events in life as joyous as a beautiful, bikini-clad Rockstar Girl handing you a free cold beverage on a hot day.

With the 2010 King of Wake in full swing, we decided to pay homage to the Rockstar Girls. Check out this Rockstar Girls photo gallery, then head to the King of Wake event nearest you. Once on site, make a beeline for the Rockstar Energy Drink tent and accept a refreshing energy drink from a Rockstar Girl. Trust us, there's nothing quite like it.