Behind The Photo: Kaesen Suyderhoud's Wall Ride

Last November, Kaesen Suyderhoud joined the Shred Town crew on a winch trip from Austin, Texas, to Orlando, Florida. This gap just outside Austin was one of the first spots they hit.

“(The Shred Town guys) had been to that spot a bunch of times along with Gabe Lucas and I’m sure a few wakeskaters, but they’d never slid the building,” Suyderhoud says.

Expect to see more shots like this wall ride from Suyderhoud, who has been channeling his heavy snowboarding background into his wakeboarding.

“I’m just trying to bring my riding style and mindset from the snow to the melted snow,” he says. “It’s definitely fun looking around for street spots in the winter with snow and then getting to do it in the summer with water.”