Photo Gallery: February 2010 Chicks Contest Winner

February 23, 2010

Meet Mandy Kapton, the winner of WAKEBOARDING magazine’s February 2010 Chicks Contest. This 23-year-old model and grad student has beauty and brains — all she needs is a boat. She recently relocated to Honolulu for school, and she’s looking for a few good rippers to ride with in between her stints on the runway.

How long have you been riding? On and off for three years.

How did you get into wakeboarding? What else, a boy.


What’s your favorite place to ride? Well, I’m reppin’ Pittsburgh. Conneaut Lake all damn day! Seriously, though, anywhere I can I’m down to go.

What boat do you ride behind? I’m a poor college girl, so no boat. Whoever will take me out with whatever they have.

What’s your current setup? Well, I’m about to ride new CWB bindings, and I’m looking for a new Gator Board.


What’s your favorite thing to do on a wakeboard? Butter slide, baby.

What do you do for a living? I model for More Models in Honolulu and I’m in grad school.

How long have you been modeling and what kind of modeling have you done? Since I was 17, so over six years now. I’ve done a lot of runway, but print and informal modeling as well. All different types of clients from Louis Vuitton to Sony to Neiman Marcus.


Where and what are you studying in grad school? I’m going to the University of Hawaii in the fall. I’m in the MS program in Kinesiology and Rehab Science for athletic training.

Who’s your favorite wakeboarder? Honestly, anyone that loves to board, even if they suck! That’s the key — just doing what you love. But if you can make money from it, then you got it made!


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