Behind The Photo: Ethika's Donika Shoot

Ethika CEO Malcolm McCassy recounts a funny story from the photo shoot that produced this shot of Ethika model Vanessa in the company's new Donika line:

During the rain, the last thing anyone not part of the shoot expected to see was a super nugget walking down the road in the rain wearing Ethikas (or barely nothing). It was a residential area, but lucky for us, there wasn't too much traffic because everyone was at work. Suddenly a gray Benz comes creeping up the road. Respectfully, Vanessa (AKA super nugget) moves to the side to wait for what turned out to be a 70-year-old baller to pass. As she stands there looking hot, waiting, Grandpa G sits idle with zero Benz movement. We look into the front window and see Gramps with his eyes bulging like Nemo and the window corners starting to fog. We realized this guy thought he’d died and gone to heaven — Vanessa being the angel. He finally moved on. Ethika tried to stop him to offer a fresh set of Ethikas, because we could pretty much guarantee that after what just went down, a new set was needed for good ol' Grandpa Geezer.