Supra Boats signs Daniel Powers!

January 7, 2015

As we welcome the new year and all the exciting new things it’s going to bring, we also welcome a new rider to Team Supra Boats, Daniel “Supra” Powers. When we asked Rick Tinker, President of Skier’s Choice the manufacturer of Supra boats, about Daniel and his new place on Team Supra Boats, he responded this way, “Daniel is an exceptional rider and a tremendous young man, I am very excited to add a rider of his caliber and a person of his character to our team. I’m confident that 2015 will be a great year for Team Supra Boats”. There is never a dull moment with Dan, whether its his dry sense of humor or his stylish riding.

We decided to put him to the test and grill him with a few random questions when he wasn’t expecting it. Here’s how it went…

SUPRA: When did you start wakeboarding?


Daniel: I was 6 years old

SUPRA: At what age did you decide you wanted to try to make it as a pro in our sport?

Daniel: Its always been mostly about just having fun for me. When I won nationals in Jr. Boys in 2003, I guess I knew I had it in me to make it and that really inspired me to work towards becoming pro.


SUPRA: Why Supra?

Daniel: Because its a great company with great people who have been really nice to me over my entire career and the quality of their boats is amazing. I rode behind the SE550 at Worlds I really enjoyed the wake and that just added to my excitement to join the team.

SUPRA: Whats a typical day in the life of Daniel Powers?


Daniel: My ideal day starts off with a trip to Uncle Henrys–our local breakfast spot. Afterwards we get a wakeboard set in before the lake gets busy. Maybe after I’ll practice some guitar or watch netflix. Then head to the airport and whip a little Cessna around with some friends. Afterwards, get the crew together and end the day with a nice little evening skate session. Ive only been able to do all of this in a day once or twice but its great

SUPRA: Is it true that you have a mini horse farm?

Daniel: Ah yea! Okay maybe not really but I’m browsing the market for one.


SUPRA: What are you doing this winter to train for next season?

Daniel: Been playing a lot of Xbox to work on my eye hand coordination.. Other than that just riding a lot since it stays warm all year in Florida!

SUPRA: What boat in the Supra line up are you going to be riding behind now?

Daniel: SE550!

SUPRA: How would you describe the wake on the all new SE550?

Daniel: I’m stoked on this boat. The lines and shear size of it are super aggressive. I actually am getting a purple SE550. But I first rode it at worlds, It has a massive wake with a really good lip to it and the transitions on it are perfect allowing for great take offs and landings. I should be getting mine in soon and I can’t wait to start riding and training for this next season behind it.

SUPRA: Cutting all the long hair off has been a trend in Team Supra Boats lately, starting with Trevor, then to Reed and now Jamie. Are you worried that you could wake up with a shaved head at the next Supra Boats photoshoot?

Daniel: Those guys know that once hair gets to a certain length it becomes part of your soul. I don’t think they would take away a piece of my soul like that..

Here is just a few of Daniel’s accolades:


Featured in Sports Illustrated Faces in the Crowd

Cover of Water Skiier Magazine


Monthly Mywake contest winner


4th overall World Cup. Pro Men

4th place Moomba Masters-Melbourne, Australia

Cover of Apple’s Light It Magazine

Cover of Wake Journal


Cover of Wakeboarding Magazine

Featured in Prime wake movie

Featured in Quiet, Please

Last Words—Wakeboarding magazine

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