Pros are Crowned at 2014 Wakeboard World Championships on Final Day of Competition

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (Sept. 14, 2014) — The final day of the Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships, presented by Supra Boats went out with a bang at Mills Pond Park as riders competed behind the killer wakes of the Supra Boats SE550. Wakeboarders and Wakeskaters from the Jr. Pro Men’s, Professional Wakeskate, Women’s Professional and Men’s Professional divisions gave it their all to be crowned 2014 champions. Cory Teunissen (AUS), Reed Hansen (USA), Bec Gange (AUS) and Harley Clifford (AUS) topped the podium in their respected divisions.  Clifford (AUS) was given the coveted title of King of Wake, and Meagan Ethell (USA) was dubbed Queen of Wake.  Teunissen would also go on to win the Junior Pro Men’s series.

The Junior Pro Men’s finals of the WWA Wakeboard World Championships took full advantage the perfect weather conditions and ripped on the wakes of the SE550 powered by the Indmar ROUSH charged Raptor 575 engine.   Six of the top 18-year-old and under riders gave it their all to propel them into the podium spots.

Australian natives Cory Teunissen, a Supra rider, and Parker Siegele have battled for first place since day one of the competition. In the end, Teunissen started with a switch toeside 900 and capped it off with a switch mute mobe taking it all, and Siegele took second place, followed by Robby Holihan (USA) in third.  Local ripper Juan Mendez (USA) finished fourth.


Pro Wakeskate finals had athletes throwing down runs with a multitude of shove-it based tricks; where the rider leaves the board and then lands on it again.  Supra rider Reed Hansen (USA) took first place, with Danny Hampson (USA) in second, and James Balzer (CAN) in third.

Pro Women’s riding was out of this world today with competitors giving it their all.  In the end, Supra rider Bec Gange (AUS), Amber Wing (AUS) and Raimi Merritt (USA) would take the podium in first, second and third places.

The one-of-a-kind CONTOUR Big Air Kicker Contest hit the water with athletes putting their bodies on the line. Six of the gnarliest and heavy hitting riders were towed behind the boat, traveling around 23 MPH, launching riders over the kicker while they cut n’ jump. Adam Errington (USA) would take first with a BS Indy 180, in second was Dean Smith (AUS) with a BS 720 and in third was Chad Sharpe with an Indy Glide.


Everyone gathered for the main event of the day, Pro Men’s, with hearts pounding as some of the best riders in the world rode for broke to take the coveted world champion title home.   Clifford (AUS), Phillip Soven (USA), Josh Twelker (USA), Tony Iacconi (USA), Shota Tezuka (JPN), and Massi Piffaretti (ITA) crept into the finals, ahead of 12 other pro riders.  Gliding into the last heat of the day, it would be Clifford in first, followed by Soven and Tezuka in second and third.

The major title all riders hope for from the season, is King of Wake and Queen of Wake.  The athletes gain points over the accumulation of eight stops, and points are given based on final placement in the competition.  The 2014 King of Wake is Clifford, and the 2014 Queen of Wake is Ethell (USA).  Ethell beat Wing (AUS) out by a margin of 10 points.

Siegele (AUS) and Teunissen (AUS) tied on points for the Junior Pro Men’s series, but Teunissen ended up taking the title. The tiebreaker for the title chase was decided based on first place wins in World Sports & Marketing events throughout the season, and Teunissen won with three.


WWA Wakeboard World Championships Day Four Results

Jr. Pro Men’s – Finals

Heat 1


1. Cory Teunissen 93.50

2. Parker Siegele 85.25

3. Robby Holihan 74.25

4. Juan Mendez 72.75

5. Gunner Daft 62.75

6. Jason Soven 61.50


Pro Men’s – Semi Finals (Riders in bold advance)**

Heat 1

1. Tony Iacconi 90.67

2. Noah Flegel 75.67

3. Christian Primrose 33.33

Heat 2

1. Josh Twelker 87.33

2. Daniel Powers 85.00

3. Adam Errington 82.00

Heat 3

1. Phillip Soven 86.67

2. JD Webb 76.33

3. Danny Thollander 73.33

Heat 4

1. Shota Tezuka 89.67

2. Steel Lafferty 65.00

3. Chad Sharpe 30.00

Heat 5

1. Massi Piffaretti 95.00

2. Rusy Malinoski 92.67

3. Jimmy Lariche 31.67

Heat 6

1. Harley Clifford 91.67

2. Olivier Derome 87.33

3. Austin Hair 82.33

Pro Wakeskate – Finals

Heat 1

1. Reed Hansen 85.00

2. Danny Hampson 78.33

3. James Balzer 68.33

4. Brian Grubb 55.00

5. Cristobal Mendez 50.00

Pro Women’s – Finals

Heat 1

1. Bec Gange 82.33

2. Amber Wing 78.33

3. Raimi Merritt 72.00

4. Meagan Ethell 66.67

5. Dallas Friday 60.00

6. Tarah Mikacich 43.33

CONTOUR Big Air Kicker Contest

Heat 1

1. Adam Errington BS Indy 180

2. Dean Smith BS 720

3. Chad Sharpe Indy Glide

Massi Piffaretti

Austin hair

Aaron Rathy


Pro Men’s – Finals**

Heat 1

1. Harley Clifford 96.00

2. Phillip Soven 94.67

3. Shota Tezuka 93.83

4. Tony Iacconi 89.00

5. Massi Piffaretti 87.33

6. Josh Twelker 85.00