Pro Riders Go Off During Preliminary Rounds At Nautique Wake Open

Nautique Wake Series Finale Tightens Up at Orlando Watersports Complex

Orlando, Fla. (Aug. 23, 2014) — As the fourth and final stop of the Nautique Wake Series, and seventh stop on the elite King of Wake series, the Nautique Wake Open presented by Rockstar undoubtedly sizzled through the professional preliminary rounds as day 3 came to a close. The top pro divisions hit the water behind the majestic Super Air Nautique G21 and G23 for an opportunity to advance to tomorrow’s semi-final and final rounds.

Wakeskate, Jr. Pro Men’s, Pro Women’s and Pro Men’s threw down remarkable passes on the glassy waters of Orlando Watersports Complex keeping the judges, fans and media on the edge of their seats.


“Riding has been on point today,” says tournament director, Chris Bischoff. “The perfect conditions, magnificent Super Air Nautique G21 and G23 boats, and plenty of Rockstar Energy go hand-in-hand to help elevate riders to their highest potential. I can’t wait to see how finals pan out tomorrow!”

First on the water this morning were the wakeskaters. Point leaders Brian Grubb (USA) and Reed Hansen (USA) felt the pressure from young gun, Austin Polterock (USA) and legend, Danny Hampson (USA); however, Grubb and Hansen were still able to edge out the other riders for a spot to advance through to finals with their signature frontside big spin and late-shove skateboard-influenced tricks.

In the Jr. Pro Men’s division, three heats of four riders were set for the semi-final round. The Jr. Pros have been on fire this year, creating compelling rivalries and amazing camaraderie. Capping off their heats today were Parker Siegele (AUS), Cory Teunissen (AUS), and Jason Soven (USA). Riders who will also move on are Robby Holihan (USA), James Loisel (USA) and Jake Pelot (USA).


The Pro Women’s riding behind the monstrous G23 wake was impeccable, in combination with the glass-like water elevating riding to the next level. Tricks like handle pass KGBs from Nautique rider Meagan Ethell set the standard, creating difficult decisions for the team of judges.

To top off the day, Pro Men’s Quarter Finals kicked off with an insane round. The best wakeboarders on the planet launched tricks to the moon, not only impressing the judges, but also the fans. Riders such as Harley Clifford (AUS), Rusty Malinoski (CDN), Shota Tezuka (JPN) and Nautique rider Josh Twelker (USA) wrapped up the win in their heats with tricks like switch mute mobes, melon frontside 720s and tons of techy flip tricks. Moving on to tomorrow’s semi-finals are a pack of unbelievable riders, accumulating to 18 in total.

The Nautique Wake Series contributed a massive amount of overall prize money for the series champions. Each pro division (Pro Wakeskate, Jr. Pro Men’s, Pro Women’s and Pro Men’s) has been accumulating points at every major Nautique event this year. Wakeskater Brian Grubb (USA), Jr. Pro Parker Siegele (AUS), Pro Women’s Meagan Ethell (USA), and Pro Men’s Harley Clifford (AUS) are currently in the lead moving into tomorrow’s semi-final and final rounds.


There’s no reason to skip out on the action tomorrow at the Orlando Watersports Complex, as the funky jams of Soul Taxi will be blasting through the speakers from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. and a live TV broadcast of the Nautique Wake Open will be streaming all day under the Pacifico ‘chill zone’ tent.  In addition, fans can stay for the one-of-a-kind CONTOUR Big Air Contest on Sunday.

The Nautique Wake Open is stop number seven on the 2014 King of Wake Series and serves as the final stop on the Nautique Wake Series, a four-event professional and amateur wakeboard and wakeskate series. A season ending banquet, honoring the series’ top performers, is being held at the Downtown Orlando Embassy Suites located at 191 E. Pine St., Orlando, Fl. 32801.

Gate prices are: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under).


Nautique Wake Open Day Three Results

Professional WakeSkate ― Semi-Finals (Riders in bold advance to Finals)

Heat 1

1. Danny Hampson 81.67

2. Reed Hansen 66.67

3. Cristobal Mendez 45.00

4. Brandon Thomas 30.00

Heat 2

1. Austin Polterock 71.67

2. Brian Grubb 68.33

3. Aaron Reed 51.67

4. Andrew Fortenberry 30.00

Jr. Pro Men’s ― Semi-Finals (Riders in bold advance to Finals)

Heat 1

1. Jason Soven 93.50

2. Robby Holihan 86.50

3. Juan Mendez 80.00

4. Jamie McCauley 80.00

Heat 2

1. Cory Teunissen 97.25

2. James Loisel 89.75

3. Mac Schramm 81.00

4. Tyler Higham 72.00

Heat 3

1. Parker Siegele 98.00

2. Jake Pelot 86.25

3. Nic Rapa 83.75

4. Gunner Daft 72.00

Women’s Professional ― Semi-Finals (Riders in bold advance to Finals)

Heat 1

1. Melissa Marquardt 73.33

2. Rebecca Gange 65.00

3. Corrie Dyer 55.00

4. Shelby King 43.33

Heat 2

1. Meagan Ethell 75.00

2. Dallas Friday 73.33

3. Larisa Morales 53.33

4. Abby Delgoffe 36.67

Heat 3

1. Amber Wing 78.33

2. Tarah Mikacich 70.00

3. Taylor McCullough 63.33

4. Carolina Rodriguez 41.67

Men’s Professional ― Quarter Finals (Riders in bold advance to Semi Finals)

Heat 1

1. Tony Carroll 80.00

2. Joshua Palma 75.67

3. Danny Thollander 66.67

4. Bob Soven 51.67

Heat 2

1. Tony Iacconi 83.00

2. Massi Piffaretti 78.33

3. Brad Teunissen 70.00

4. Damian Adam 64.33

Heat 3

1. Phillip Soven 83.33

2. J.D. Webb 78.33

3. Danny Harf 72.67

4. Gunner Shuler 58.33

Heat 4

1. Dean Smith 78.33

2. Daniel Powers 73.33

3. Shawn Watson 60.00

4. Chad Sharpe 36.67

Heat 5

1. Noah Flegel 78.33

2. Josh Twelker 71.00

3. Pierce Homsey 66.67

4. Ian Cole 43.33

Heat 6

1. Steel Lafferty 80.67

2. Jimmy LaRiche 74.67

3. Austin Hair 69.00

4. Jefferson Langley 63.33

Heat 7

1. Shota Tezuka 78.33

2. Keenan Allen 73.33

3. Jason Bannatyne 64.33

4. Aaron Gunn 51.67

5. Kyle Evans 50.00

Heat 8

1. Rusty Malinoski 84.67

2. Aaron Rathy 78.33

3. Stephen Pierce 74.33

4. Kirby Liesmann 69.00

5. Jeff House 63.33

Heat 9

1. Harley Clifford 85.00

2. Kyle Rattray 78.33

3. Darin Shapiro 69.33

4. Jimmy Trask 67.67

5. John Zdeblick 60.00