Wakeboard Nationals Day 2 Recap

Tyler Sommer Crosses Disciplines, Wins Division at Day Two of

** Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships**

National Champion Titles Awared Across 18 Divisions at Second Day of Competition


Waco, TX. — The second day of competition at one of wakeboarding’s biggest annual events, the Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships presented by Rockstar, was highlighted by a Texan accomplishing a Texas sized feat. After earning a national title in the Junior Men’s division of Wake Park Nationals yesterday, Tyler Sommer moved to the lake at BSR today and won the Amateur Wake Skate division.

The Texas native completed the second leg of his cross-discipline national titles with a progressive run in the finals. His wakeskating style, like his wake park style, was clean and featured a well-rounded arsenal of tricks. Launching from the Super Air Nautique G21’s ultra smooth wake, Sommer unleashed big wake-to-wake airs, clean rotations and highly technical grabs to clinch his second national title in as many days.

Another impressive feat accomplished in Waco today came from Team Nautique athlete Erika Lang, who was competing for the first time in a wakeboard event. She has quickly become an athlete to keep an eye on and earned her first Junior Women National Wakeboard title today. Lang, a current world trick record holder is an inspiration to upcoming watersports enthusiast everywhere.


“A huge congratulation goes out to Tyler,” said Chris Bischoff, competition director. “Progression has been such a huge element in wakeboarding over the past few years and we’re really seeing a lot of riders excel both behind a boat and in the park. Nautique was instrumental in making it possible for Wakeboard Nationals and Wake Park Nationals to run concurrently at BSR and both events are all the more exciting because of it.”

In addition to Sommer’s championship performance at day two of Nationals, 17 other athletes claimed national titles today. They included Team Nautique athlete Erika Lang (Jr. Women), Brett Powell (Jr. Boy’s Beginner), Kyla Hendricks (Jr. Girls), Rocco Ralston (Boy’s Beginner), Hollie Waldrop (Girls Finals), Kaitlyn Adams (Women’s Wakeskate), Connor Aguilar-Poggetto (Adaptive Sitboarding), Fynn Bullock (Jr. Boys), Joy Manning (Veteran Women’s), Natalie Graham (Masters Women), Mitch Kappler (Boys), Rebecca Miller (Amateur Women), Brandon Lackey (Masters), Steve Jones (Veterans), Sam Cole (Mens 2), Woody White (Mens 1) and Clayton Holladay (Jr. Men).

The Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships is stop number five on the 2014 King of Wake Series. Additionally, it serves as stop number two on the Nautique Wake Series, a four-event professional and amateur wakeboard and wakeskate series.


Gate prices for the event are: $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under). For more event information, including daily schedules, tickets, results, standings, photos, videos, athlete bios and more, visit

Day Two Results

Junior Men’s Finals


1. Clayton Holladay 81.67

2. Bryson Hancock 76.67

3. Guenther Oka 71.67

4. Grady Eaton 56.67

5. Jordan Plummer 36.67

Men’s 1 Finals

1. Woody White 70.00

2. Cameron Steiner 61.67

3. Morgan Pederson 53.33

4. Sean Weidner 36.67

Veterans Finals

1. Steve Jones 80.00

2. Darren Holsey 65.00

3. Billy Garcia 58.33

4. Matt Vermillion 54.33

5. Christopher Full 28.33

Men’s 2 Finals

1. Sam Cole 88.33

2. Rob Corum 70.00

3. Corbin Blanton 60.00

4. Tyler Heinz 43.33

Master Finals

1. Brandon Lackey 77.33

2. Aaron Lecklider 65.00

3. Kevco Michael 56.67

4. Francisco Cabezas 36.67

Jr. Women Finals

1. Erika Lang 75.00

2. Sofia Dinatale 61.67

3. Rachel Orgill 56.67

4. Katelyn Fenner 48.33

Boy’s Finals

1. Mitch Kappler 86.67

2. Kevin Duffy 84.33

3. Thomas Herman 78.33

4. Jaden Reichl 66.67

5. Tyler Brooks 54.00

6. David Stever 46.67

Amateur Women Finals

1. Rebecca Miller 76.67

2. Nicole Steele 63.33

3. Staci Cross 46.67

Jr. Boy’s Beginner Finals

1. Brett Powell 76.67

2. Karson Prowse 70.00

3. Pierce Ralston 55.00

4. Alexander Albin 38.33

Jr. Girl’s Finals

1. Kyla Hendricks 75.00

2. Palmer Howell 66.67

3. Sydney Deary 53.33

Boy’s Beginner Finals

1. Rocco Ralston 65.00

2. Drew Drennan 58.33

Girls Finals

1. Hollie Waldrop

2. Shannon Morgan Howell 74.00

3. Mary Morgan Howell 67.33

4. Sarah Deary 56.67

Amateur Wakeskate Finals

1. Tyler Sommer 75.67

2. Jake Kappler 71.67

3. Michael Fay 53.33

Women’s Wakeskate Finals

1. Kaitlyn Adams 75.00

Adaptive Sitboarding Finals

1. Connor Aguilar-Poggetto 90.83

Jr. Boy’s Finals

1. Fynn Bullock 75.00

2. Daniel Johnson 63.33

Veteran Women’s

1. Joy Manning 78.33

2. Susan Sheehan 63.33

3. Kat Laird 56.00

4. Paula Fay 45.00

Masters Women

1. Natalie Graham 63.33

Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

**1. Juan Mendez 91.50

2. Jamie McCauley 88.00

3. Tyler Higham 84.50**

4. Jake Pelot 76.00

Junior Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 2

**1. James Loisel 93.50

2. Jason Soven**

3. Gunner Daft 82.00

4. Zach Brown 72.25

Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 3

**1. Parker Siegele 95.75

2. Mac Schramm 87.25

3. Nic Rapa 85.00**

4. Merrett Fay 63.75

5. Nicholas Brown 59.25

Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 4

**1. Cory Teunissen 100.00

2. Robby Holihan 90.00

3. Joel Bartley 78.00**

4. Kyler Mitchell 56.00

5. Gus Shuler 25.00


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