PWT Monroe Day One Recap

World’s Best in Monroe for MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour

Monroe, Wash. – The world’s top wakeboarders kicked off the Pacific Northwest leg of the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour presented by Rockstar in grand fashion during the first day of competition in Monroe. To the delight of thousands of spectators who flocked to Lake Tye, progressive riding was on full display throughout the first two rounds of action.

MasterCraft team riders leveraged their familiarity behind the X-Star, the event’s official towboat, to register some of the day’s most impressive performances. Among the standouts was top ranked Pro Tour rider Harley Clifford. The Aussie phenom continued his dream season in usual dominating fashion, launching jaw dropping tricks off the X-Star’s huge wake including stylish rotations, difficult grabs and highly-technical rail rides en route to a round one heat win.


Fellow MasterCraft Team rider, Shota Tezuka looked equally inform today. The Japanese rider opened up his deep bag of tricks to unleash one of the day’s most entertaining runs, also earning a heat win. All round one heat winners bypass round two and earn an automatic spot in tomorrow’s third round.

“It’s great to be back in Monroe for another Pro Tour contest,” said Chris Bischoff, competition director. “The guys were going huge off the X-Star today and every heat contained some of the day’s best rides. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a really exciting final day of action on Lake Tye.”

Ticket’s for Saturday’s finals will be available at the gate for $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under).


Prior to tomorrow’s Pro Men’s finals, the crowd will also enjoy the CONTOUR Big Air Contest. The mind boggling specialty event features some of the best Pro Men riders launching from a ramp to perform massive rotating aerials that are rarely accomplished in a traditional contest setting.

Men’s Pro – Round Two (Riders in bold advance)

Heat 1


**1. Massi Piffaretti 81.67

2. Dean Smith 77.67

3. Pierce Homsey 70.00


4. Jason Bannatyne 63.67**

5. Kyle Evans 51.67

6. Ian Cole 43.33

Heat 2

**1. Tony Carroll 80.00

2. Danny Thollander 70.00

3. Austin Hair 63.33

4. Aaron Rathy 55.00**

5. Darin Shapiro 50.33

Heat 3

**1. Steel Lafferty 85.00

2. Oli Derome 76.67

3. Noah Flegel 68.33

4. Keenan Allen 60.00**

5. Gunnar Shuler 46.67

Heat 4

**1. Rusty Malinoski 80.00

2. Kyle Rattray 66.67

3. Damien Adam 60.00

4. Brad Teunissen 55.00**

5. Josh Palma 50.00

Men’s Pro – Round One (Riders in bold advance to Round Three, other riders go to Round Two)

Heat 1

1. Danny Harf 80.00

2. Massi Piffaretti 76.67

3. Josh Palma 68.33

4. Danny Thollander 55.00

Heat 2

1. Josh Twelker 83.33

2. Damien Adam 63.33

3. Keenan Allen 56.67

4. Gunna Shuler 35.00

Heat 3

1. Daniel Powers 81.67

2. Tony Carroll 73.33

3. Noah Flegel 60.00

4. Ian Cole 35.00

Heat 4

1. Phil Soven 81.67

2. Steel Lafferty 78.33

3. Darin Shapiro 66.33

4. Kyle Rattray 58.33

Heat 5

1. Tony Iacconi 78.33

2. Jason Bannatyne 68.00

3. Brad Teunissen 61.00

4. Kyle Evans 46.67

Heat 6

1. Shota Tezuka 80.00

2. Oli Derome 68.33

3. Dean Smith 61.67

Heat 7

1. Stephen Pierce 81.67

2. Rusty Malinoski 79.33

3. Pierce Homsey 65.00

Heat 8

1. Harley Clifford 86.67

2. Austin Hair 73.33

3. Aaron Rathy


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