Liberty Flex Series by Jobe

Jobe recently announced their release of the Declan Clifford Pro Model – The Liberty Flex Series. Check out the press release below!

Decx’s Pro Model: The Liberty Flex Series!

For the 2014 season Jobe continues the pro model series of professional rider Declan


Clifford with a refined board shape combined with an obscure but striking graphic

design! Declan sat down with Jobe product developer Niek Huiskes and graphic

designer Ivo Rietveld to guarantee his new model is everything Declan stands for: a


highly energetic ride while still being able to ride rails in a stylish way! Graphic

Designer Ivo Rietveld: “For Declan we created a graphic with guts and style, a

combination which reflects how we see him as an athlete. The graphic shows old,


somewhat rank pin up ads on the base mixed with a very clean and stylish fluorescent




Declan asked Jobe to give him the best of both worlds. This is the reason the Liberty

Flex wakeboard is designed to be the all-round board of the Jobe Cable lineup. A

hybrid board design combined with flexibility in the tip and tail of the board will let

you excel in both air tricks and hitting obstacles at your local cable park! To save

Declan’s knees from the huge pop the board rocks a triple flat spot to have softer

landings. ABS sidewalls prevent your board from getting damaged while shredding

rails. An obscure neon red graphic design finishes the Liberty Flex series and makes

sure people remember you as that guy with the extraordinary board!


The impressive graphic design and the high-end qualities of the Liberty Flex

wakeboard asks for a special pair of bindings. Jobe developed the Liberty bindings to

be the icing on the cake: a full neon red binding with black highlights that will leave

people in awe watching your wakeboard setup! The high cut design combined with

dual laces support your ancles to the fullest while being launched high into the air.

Declan Clifford: “My new Liberty Bindings are the best boots I’ve ever rode. They

give amazing support and because of the new material they look new every time you

ride them! The colours are sick!”

Oh, Declan reported to us you shouldn’t be surprised by random people screaming

OH MY GOD while standing in line for your next round on the cable!

Are you as excited as we are and do you want to give the Liberty Flex Series a try?

On the 7th of April the Jobe Warriors campaign will launch on

including test events in Europe and the USA! Check out the website and join Declan

Clifford at a test event near you!