Wake Surf Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Series of Wake Surf Awards Ceremony (Inland Surfer's Jeff Page)

Inland Surfer owner and shaper Jeff Page received the first ever award for Wake Surf Lifetime Achievement at the World Series of Wake Surf Awards this past weekend at the Hilton Hotel on Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, NV. “The Man Who Started It All” received the award in front of the largest crowd ever assembled for the final awards ceremony of the Wake Surf World Championship and inaugural event for the annual World Series of Wake Surf Awards. “We started it all and we’re still here today,” Page said, referring to Inland Surfer, his company which is an independent and sole manufacturer of wake surfing boards and accessories. Inland Surfer was the first company to bring wake surf- specific boards to the water-sports market in 2001. “We’re still here today because of our commitment to providing the best-built boards in design, materials and performance for use behind inboard boats,” Page says. In the last 12 years, Inland Surfer has successfully built a domestic and international distribution network, Inland Surfer boards are currently ridden in Asia, Europe, Canada, the US and South America. Page says the success of Inland Surfer is due in no small part to the people behind the brand. “We simply have the best customer service, support and warranty available which has resulted in the largest dealer network and selection of boards, fins and accessories available – it’s the reason we’re number one.”

With over 40 years of water sports experience, Page, a shaper, designer and creator of Inland Surfer, is widely recognized as the pioneer of wake surfing. Page finds his motivation in constant innovation and dedication to making wake surfing a more widely accessible sport. “Innovation and continual R&D has led us to our largest line up ever,” says Page, “whether it’s your first time behind a boat or you’re competing in the world championships, we work hard to have a board for you and your family.” Page pushes to improve wake surfing as a sport by working with local riders, professional athletes, grassroots events, pro shops, boat dealers and education government organizations worldwide, including Inland Surfer’s membership with the Water Sports Industry Association.