Rusty Malinoski, Dallas Friday Win at Worlds

Rusty Malinoski, Dallas Friday Claim Titles at Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships

Pleasant Prairie, WI. —Progressive riding and dramatic competition were prevailing themes at the final day of the Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Supra. And with that surefire recipe for classic final round showdowns, a crowd of thousands lining the shores of Lake Andrea witnessed legendary performances from Rusty Malinoski and Dallas Friday who took home World Titles in the Men’s Pro and Women’s Pro divisions.

The Pro Men’s final was an all-American affair with the lone exception of Canadian rider Rusty Malinoski. However, the “Bone Crusher” was not fazed by the five-man American front. Malinoski claimed the crown for Canada by using a near flawless run that included a toeside 900, toeside roll to blind and a huge indy backside 180 to better Phil Soven’s second place performance.


“With the level of everyone’s riding all weekend long, I’m excited to come out on top! It’s an amazing feeling,” said Malinoski.

The Pro Women’s finals also saw an American dominated field with the only exception being Aussie rider Amber Wing. The most decorated woman in wakeboarding history, Dallas Friday, was able to fight off the field using a deadly air and rail combo that included a huge KGB, a heelside edge tantrum to blind and super clean board slides. While Friday was able to edge out Amber Wing in the finals, Wing’s second place finish was enough for her to clinch the season long 2013 Queen of Wake title.

Wakeboarding’s most promising up-and-comers riding in the Overton’s Junior Pro Series also saw a heated battle for the division’s World Championship. Keeping his dream season alive, 15-year old American rider Noah Flegel used a well balanced run that included a 900, stylish rail riding and run a Moby Dick to edge out Australian riders Tony Iacconi and Cory Teunissen, who finished second and third respectively.


Pro Wakeskate also determined a World Champ today in Pleasant Prairie. Holding the esteemed title for the next year is Reed Hansen. The Supra Team rider parlayed his familiarity behind the SA550 towboat to consistently launch from its clean wake to weave together a run that included big wake-to-wake airs with super stylish grabs and highly-technical maneuvers.

Following the Men’s Pro finals the crowd was privy to one of the most exciting spectacles in wakeboarding, the Polaroid Action Big Air Contest. Launching tricks that are rarely attempted in a traditional contest format, Adam Errington boosted an enormous Indy backside 180 to take first place in the specialty contest.

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Day 4 Results:

Pro Men Finals

1. Rusty Malinoski 89.33


2. Phil Soven 87.33

3. Mike Dowdy 85.33

4. Andrew Adkison 80.00

5. Austin Hair 75.00

6. Josh Twelker 61.67

Pro Women Finals

1. Dallas Friday 84.00

2. Amber Wing 79.00

3. Taylor McCullough 73.33

4. Melissa Marquardt 66.67

5. Emily Durham 60.00

6. Nicola Butler 40.00

Pro Wakeskate Finals

1. Reed Hansen 82.00

2. Brian Grubb 74.33

3. James Balzer 69.00

4. Danny Hampson 65.67

5. Grant Roberts 50.00

Jr. Pro Men Finals

1. Noah Flegel 92.75

2. Tony Iacconi 87.25

3. Cory Teunissen 86.50

4. Robby Holihann 68.50

5. Freddie Wayne 63.50

6. Brad Teunissen 40.25

Pro Women Wakeskate Finals

1. Setsuko Ito 80.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1 (Top rider advances)

1. Andrew Adkison 87.33

2. Kyle Rattray 84.67

3. Adam Wensink 63.33

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 2

1. Mike Dowdy 73.33

2. Danny Thollander 38.33

3. Daniel Powers 25.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 3

1. Austin Hair 85.00

2. Steel Lafferty 75.00

3. Gunnar Shuler 43.33

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 4

1. Josh Twelker 76.67

2. Harley Clifford 61.67

3. Jimmy LaRiche 55.00

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 5

1. Rusty Malinoski 84.33

2. Adam Errington 76.67

3. JD Webb 66.67

Pro Men Semifinals Heat 6

1. Phil Soven 87.00

2. Aaron Rathy 81.00

3. Keenan Allen 43.33