Supra Boats 2014 Wake Boat Line

At Supra Boats @Supra_Boats success lasts long enough for a high five or a pat on the back and then it's back to the digital drawing board. The 2014 Supra Boats line embodies this drive for continuous improvement. We are not concerned with being better than the next wake boat manufacturer. Our goal is to go beyond better by creating wake boats that elevate your expectations of what you and your boat can do on the water. From interior and exterior design to ride, wakes and handling performance to the team that puts it all together, Supra boats are going above and beyond in 2014. With the success of the SA350-550 still relatively new, Supra Boats designers started working on something that would smoke the competition. The new SC350-550 was developed as a refined traditional bow boat with the performance of an SA and interior accommodation like nothing the industry has seen. This amazing new Supra's design has lead to a number of advancements where passion meets precision on the Pro Rider's Choice SA350-550, the luxury riding Launch 242 and the world famous Worlds Edition package. Visit your local Supra Boats dealer and elevate your expectations to beyond better boating with the 2014 Supra boats.