World’s Best Cable Riders Debut Nautique & Rockstar WWA Wake Park National Championships

West Chester, OH. — For the first time in the storied history of Wakeboarding’s annual national championships, the world’s best cable riders have joined their boat-riding counterparts with today’s debut of the Nautique & Rockstar WWA Wake Park National Championships, presented by Polaroid Action. The unique cross-over format allows park riders and boat riders to compete in both styles of wakeboarding with highly-coveted National Titles at stake.

The opening day of the history-making contest took place at Wake Nation Cincinnati, just a short drive from Voice of America Park in West Chester, which is playing host to the boat riding portion of Nationals. Highlighting the first day of park action was the Junior Pro Men’s division. Proving to be as big a threat in the park as he is behind a boat, Noah Flegel put his freakish talent on full display dismantling the course en route to a National Title in the division.

“Everyone at Nationals is so happy Nautique, Rockstar, WWA and Polaroid Action stepped up to the plate and made Wake Park a reality this year,” said Chris Bischoff, competition director. “The riding today was mental and it’s a solid testament to the progression of the sport to see so many cross-over athletes killing it in the park and behind the boat.”


Wake Park Nationals will continue tomorrow with a full day of competition including opening round heats from the Pro Men, Pro Women, Pro Wakeskate and Pro Features divisions.

Day 1 Results:

Jr. Pro Men Finals

  1. Noah Flegel 93.00

  2. Yonel Cohen 87.75

  3. Massi Piffaretti 78.50

  4. Kelbey Huebner 69.50

  5. Jon Hunt 64.00

  6. Robby Holihan 48.50


Jr. Men’s Finals

  1. Brady Patry 95.75

  2. Gunther Oka 94.25

  3. Jake Pelot 80.00

  4. Jonathan Stever 30.00

Boy’s (10-13) Finals

  1. Tyler Sommer 95.75

  2. Garrett Coleman 89.00

  3. Tyler Worrall 81.25

  4. Kevin Duffy 74.00

  5. Drew Drennan 46.50

  6. David Stever 30.00

Jr. Pro Men Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 3 advance)

  1. Robby Holihan 91.25

  2. Massi Piffaretti 90.75

  3. Yonel Cohen 84.50

  4. Arnie Watkins 71.75

  5. Justin Lee 59.50

  6. Ian Cole 52.25

Jr. Pro Men Semifinals Heat 2

  1. Noah Flegel 95.00

  2. Kelbey Huebner 86.50

  3. Jon Hunt 74.50

  4. Joey Buss 69.50

  5. Max Van Helvoort

Jr. Men’s Semifinals Heat 1 (top 2 advance)

  1. Jake Pelot 100.00

  2. Jonathan Stever 67.25

  3. Brendon Thibodeau 50.50

Jr. Men’s Semifinals Heat 2

  1. Gunther Oka 95.25

  2. Brady Patry 94.75

  3. Johnnie Paul 48.00

Boy’s (10-13, top 3 advance) Semifinals Heat 1

  1. Tyler Worrall 75.00

  2. Kevin Duffy 67.25

  3. David Stever 63.50

  4. Pierce Bischop 57.75

Boy’s (10-13) Heat 2

  1. Tyler Sommer 97.50

  2. Garrett Coleman 73.25

  3. Drew Drennan 62.00

  4. Kai Stidham 54.25

  5. Andy Birch 46.50


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