Supra Boats Australia Team Video – Brad Teunissen

Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Australia @SupraBoatsAus just released the sixth of 10 team videos, this one featuring Team Supra Boats Pro rider, Brad Teunissen. Brad is making his mark on the professional wakeboard scene with a string of stellar performances this past winter in Australia. Check out the newest video from Supra Boats Australia of Brad going big behind the 2013 SA550!


Brad Teunissen

Born: Brisbane Australia


Hometown (where your family lives): Brisbane Australia

Top Career Highlight: 2008 World Title in Korea

Your Weight: 85kg


Your Height: 185cm

Stance: Regular

Stance width: All the way out


Angle: 12 x 12

Board: Liquid Force Harley

Board Length: 139


Board Width: 40

Bindings: Liquid Force Harley Bindings

Rope Length (including Handle): 75 ft

Handle Width: 30cm

Total Weight in Boat: 2000kgs ontop of stock ballast

Where is weight in boat? (i.e. front 0%, middle 0%, rear 0%, including people.) Most of the weight in our boat would be in the middle and rear so about 20% front, 40% middle, and 40% rear.

Wake Plate Setting (if relevant): around 15% on the supra SA

Most common boat you ride behind: Supra

Boat Speed: 22.5

Hardest 5 tricks you can land right now, approaching port side of wake: Ts 7, Switch hs 7, batwing bs 3, dum dum, ts 9

Hardest 5 tricks you can land right now, approaching starboard side of wake: Hs 7, method bs 5, wirly 5, kgb, moby dick 5

Best 2 rail moves port side: ollie on bs lip backside 270 out, ollie on 90 to tailpress to 270 out

best 2 rail move starboard side: ollie on ts back lip to 270 to 90 out, ollie on switch 270 rewind 90 to 270 out.

Best kicker trick on port side: Hoochie bs 360

Best kicker trick on starboard side: ts bs 720

Coolest 2 port side moves where you grab the board (Can be inverts or not and already mentioned): tailgrab batwing, mute halfcab roll

Coolest 2 starboard side moves where you grab the board (Can be inverts or not and already mentioned): Method, wake to wake stale glide

Normal Breakfast: 4 weetbix

Normal morning snack : bannana

Normal Lunch: Some tips of sandwich I always try to make something different.

Normal afternoon snack: cheese and bacon flavoured shapes are the best!!

Normal dinner: steak and salad

Normal desert: yogurt

Most common drink you drink (i.e. water, coke, Orange Juice, beer etc.): I drink a lot of water; at least 3 liters a day, but I love my red bull

How many times have you road in the last 30 days: at least once every two days, so like 15.**

Other exercise you have done in last 7 days. List with times:** In the mornings, I try to stretch and in the afternoons, I do my push ups and sit ups when I can.

3 other riders who influence your style of riding (take moves from and try to be like): each rider I look up to have different influences to how I want to wakeboard. The first is Harley Clifford. The amount of tricks Harley can do pushes me and my riding to learn as many tricks as I can to compete. Then there’s Josh, who has the best style ever in wakeboarding, there is not one trick he does that looks ugly, so I love to watch his style and see how he makes his tricks look so stylish. And finally there’s Rusty Malinoski. Rusty is bigger than other usual and younger wakeboarders like Harley, but he can still do all of the tricks to make finals and is always coming up with new tricks no one is doing which I think is really inspiring!

Who will win the US pro tour next year? Men’s? Junior Pro? Women’s?: In Men’s, I think it’s going to be hard to knock Harley off his game, but if anyone can do it I think Shota Tezuka can do it, but Harley for sure. In Jr. Pro this year, it’s going to be a huge contest with me and my brother along with Noah Flegal, Massi Pifferettii, Parker Siegle, and Tony Iacconi. But hopefully, I can get my first tour stop win this year! And in Women’s I think Megan Ethel is so far infront of everyone else and she is so young, but I know how good Nicola Butler can ride and the new girl this year, Bec Gange, I believe will do really well!!

**Next questions are yes or no answers.

Do you think grabbing the board is more important than being able to rotate the board?** No

Do you think a 1080 would score better than a mobe 720? No

Do you think wakes will be bigger than they are now in 5 years time? Yes

Do you think wakes will be wider than they are now in 5 years? Yes

Do you think you will most likely ride the same length rope in 5 years time? Yes

Do you think it is an advantage to be shorter to be a better wake boarder? No

Have you road behind the SA? Yes

Are you a fan of the supraboatsaus facebook page? Yes

Are you a fan of the supraboatsaus twitter page? No

Did you know we had a blog page Yes

Would you be willing to spend some days on the road for the Ride Australia tour this summer? Yes

Last question.

Best part about going wakeboarding is: When you are out on the lake on a hot summer day with a flat lake and your riding with your best friends that are killing it and everyone’s learning new tricks and thriving off each other, nothing is better than that. I love wakeboarding, because it pushes me to test my skills and be the best I can be.