Tigé Announces MyWake Global Challenge Winners

June 11, 2012

Tigé Announces MyWake Global Challenge Winners for May

Orlando, Fla. — Tigé has announced the inaugural batch of monthly winners for its revolutionary MyWake Global Challenge in all of the contest divisions. Designed using a format that leverages the borderless virtual landscape of the internet to encourage wakeboarders, wakeskaters and wakesurfers to submit their very best run online via, monthly winners, depending on their division, are eligible for cash prizes and an invite a to a live two-day final competition in Orlando.

Carrying over his earthly dominance to the virtual realm, Harley Clifford claimed first place in the Pro Men’s division, which saw entries from a long list of high-profile riders. Top professional videos in May also came from Tarah Mikacich (Pro Women), Reed Hansen (Pro Wakeskate), Chase Hazen (Pro Wakesurf) and Jesse Scott (Junior Pro Men). Additional May Winners include:


• Harley Clifford (Pro Men)

• Tarah Mikacich (Pro Women)

• Jesse Scott (Junior Pro Men)


• Raymond Durke (Masters Men)

• Heather Luske (Masters Women)

• Ryan Gillen (Amateur Men)


• Jaime McCauley (Amateur Junior Men)

• Cobe France (Boys)

• Zahra Kell (Girls)


• Reed Hansen (Pro Wakeskate)

• Ryan Vigil (Amateur Wakeskate)

• Heather Luske (Amateur Women Wakeskate)

• Grace Dauzat (Amateur Women Wakesurf)

• Vanessa Gonzales (Amateur Women Skim)

• Trevor Miller (Amateur Men Wakesurf)

• Jeremy Cool (Amateur Men Skim)

• Dennis Horton (Masters Men Wakesurf)

• Jean Wagner (Masters Women Wakesurf)

• Thomas Garcia (Juniors Wakesurf)

• Keenan Flegel (Open Men’s Skim)

• Chase Hazen (Open Men’s Surf)

• Adriana Borelli (Open Women Skim)

• Rebecca Ort (Open Women’s Surf)

Recognizing the game-changing format of the MyWake Global Challenge, PCM Engines upped the ante of the contest and is now doubling all Tigé prize money for the monthly winners. With the matched money from PCM Engines, overall prizes for the online and live portions of the contest are more than $35,000. The monthly prizes are as follows:

• Pro Men – $500 per winning monthly video + $500 PCM Double Money

• Pro Women – $250 per winning monthly video + $250 PCM Double Money

• Jr. Pro Men – $250 per winning monthly video + $250 PCM Double Money

• Pro Wakeskate – $250 per winning monthly video + $250 PCM Double Money

• Pro Surf Male – $250 per winning monthly video + $250 PCM Double Money

• Pro Surf Female – $250 per winning monthly video + $250 PCM Double Money

• Pro Skim Male – $250 per winning monthly video + $250 PCM Double Money

• Pro Skim Female – $250 per winning monthly video + $250 PCM Double Money

Through July 31, riders can enter two more separate online contests; one in June, and one in July. Winners from the May contest are not eligible to win again, so new participants and repeat participants who have not yet placed first in a division are highly encouraged to continue with new video submissions. Riders can enter each unique event by submitting a two-minute unedited video of their best run to or to the event site . World Wakeboard Association (WWA) judges will review the submissions and select the monthly winners. Also, monthly winners will be invited to the live final main event in Orlando.

“Congratulations to all of the MyWake Global Challenge winners from May,” said Tigé Director of Marketing, Daniel Gutierrez. “We saw some incredible video footage in each of the divisions and its already shaping up to be a highly-competitive live event in Orlando in September. The field is wide open again for June, so everyone should keep filming their top runs and submitting them to for a chance to win.”

A fourth finalist for each division will be added based on the video results of a Tigé MyWake Global Challenge Ride Day, held on June 16, 2012 at Tigé boat dealers around the world. To sign up go to

Each amateur division will pit the three monthly winners, plus the one Tigé Ride Day winner, against each other in an online final for worldwide bragging rights and other great prizes.

The 2012 Tigé MyWake Global Challenge will host the live finals event on Sept. 10-11 at Buena Vista Watersports in Orlando, Fla. The Live Finale will bring together top professional riders from pro divisions of the three sports in a pro-am style contest to battle for the top podium spot behind the new and innovative Tigé Z3. To register for the contest and submit a video visit


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