History Making Expression Session Goes Down At Nautique Wakes Games

History Making Expression Session Goes Down At Nautique Wakes Games

A Pair of Back-to-Back, Wake-to-Wake 1080’s Performed for First Time Ever in Competition

Orlando, Fla. — In the matter of a couple of minutes the wake-to-wake 1080 went from never being landed in competition to being performed twice in a row. Harley Clifford and Ollie Derome dazzled a crowd of thousands of avid wakeboard fans by sticking the gravity-defying trick during the Nautique Expression Session that was in conjunction with the Nautique Wake Games at the Orlando Watersports Complex.

“The crowd was so hyped when Harley stuck the first 1080 and I knew it was in my bag of tricks too,” said Derome. “I just fed off their momentum and used the massive wake from the G23 to my advantage.”

With such an impressive display of innovation and sportsmanship, Nautique doubled the winner-takes-all prize for the Nautique Expression Session and sent both riders home with a check for $5,000.

“The Nautique Expression Session was created to showcase the all-new, game changing G23 wake,” said Bill Yeargin, Nautique’s President/CEO. “All of the athletes were on the top of their game during the Expression Session and we couldn’t be more excited to make history and witness the first two wake-to-wake 1080’s ever performed during competition.”

For information on the Nautique Wake Games, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, visit www.kingofwake.com.