10 Teams Drafted For Nautique Wake Games

As an added element to the one-of-a-kind Nautique Wake Games, 10 preselected pro men wakeboarders served as team captains last night and hosted a draft, consisting of the 90 remaining athletes who advanced past the initial qualifying rounds. Over the course of the final two days of competition, the athletes will compete in their respective divisions, which are separated by age, sex and skill level, while contributing points toward a team score based on their individual placement in that division. The team with the highest collective score will win the overall title. All 23 divisions will crown an individual winner as well.

The team’s are as follows:

Team Harley Clifford


Raphael Derome

Dante Digagni

Nicola Butler


Kennan Alan

Hunter Henderson

Jeongwook Kim


Shelby King

Corey Turnbull

Brian White


Team Phil Soven

Adam Errington

Kirby Liesmann

Amber Wing

Christina Primrose

Ryan Harris

Danny Hampson

Kevin Michaels

Ben Brown

Eric Miller

Juan Martin Valez

Team Rusty Malinoski

Kyle Rattray

Adam Wensink

Raimi Merritt

David O’Caoimh

Ricky Gonzalez

Sigrid Beachler

Chad Lowe

Ian Smith

Uncle Ben

Eduardo Meyers

Team Dean Smith

Shota Tezuk

Danny Tholandar

Dallas Friday

Jacob Valdez

Paula Fay

Reed Hansen

Taylor Renfroe

Brooke Grassman

Grant Roberts

Yangsur Kim

Team Bob Soven

Jimmy Lariche

Kyle Alberts

Melissa Marquardt

Kyle Evans

Jen Gillanfarr

Rob Corum

Kevin Duffy

Mitch Kappler

Stu Shinn

Cristobal Mendez

Team Steel Lafferty

JD Webb

Shawn Watson

Meagan Ethel

Tony Iaconni

Sofia Mendez

Brian Grubb

Kristine Gagnier

Becky Hall

Ollie Moore

Mac Schramm

Team Shaun Murray

Tony Carroll

Jason Bannatyne

Taylor McCullough

Robbie Houlihan

James Loisel

Thomas Herman

Floyd Lewis

Clayton Holladay

Gianna Dinatale

Seth Cathy

Team Aaron Rathy

Andrew Atkinson

Shane Bonifay

Ashley Leugner

Freddie Wayne

Matt Vermillion

Larisa Morales

James Balzar

George Daniels

Dustin Able

Juan Mendez

Team Austin Hair

Daniel Powers

Adam Fields

Abby Delgoffe

Josh Twelker

Carolina Rodriguez

Jeremy Baker

Marla Fay

Joy Manning

Darren Holsey

Austin Poltercock

Team Oliver Derome

Jeff Langley

Sam Carne

Miku Asai

Mike Dowdy

Jorge Garizurieta

Carter Mather

Brandon Thomas

Mallorie Henry

Gerardo Mora

Craig Buss