Wakeboard Foundation and Top Pros Host Smile Session

Central Florida is known as the Mecca of professional wakeboarding. It is here that we house the greats. These greats are in love with the sun, the abundance of lakes and the overwhelming support they receive from the community. The Wakeboard Foundation noticed the big hearts of these riders and their enthusiasm to give back, especially to the children of the community. Through a partnership with Florida Hospital the wakeboard community is able to do just that.

Saturday, April 7, marks the first of many fun events the professional wakeboarders will be hosting. The heroes of Florida Children’s Hospital battling life-threatening illnesses have been aptly named Wake Warriors. The Wake Warriors and their families are invited to a once in a lifetime event, The Smile Session, at the premier wakeboard academy of Orlando, The Boarding School. Pro riders will include Shaun Murray, Josh Palma, Steel Lafferty, Clayton Underwood, Nicola Butler, Dean Smith, JD Webb and many more!

The Smile Session is not only a professional photo shoot intended to capture the courage and strength of the Wake Warriors but an entire afternoon of boat rides (of course our pros will be putting on a show) and lots of activities that our riders love to do in their free time.

For more information, go to The Wakeboard Foundation's Facebook page.