Malibu Boats Signs Queen of Wake Amber Wing

2011's most decorated female rider has done everything a girl can do on a wakeboard, including the first and only 900 to date. And now, Amber Wing has chosen Malibu Boats as her towboat to push the sport even farther.

David Thorpe, Marketing Manager of Malibu Boats in Australia said, "Amber is one of the most progressive and innovative riders of this generation. She is a hero to any girl who wakeboards Down Under and a great ambassador of the sport worldwide."

This Australian ripper is the current Queen Of Wake, which is the highest honor in wakeboarding, awarded to the best rider of an eight-stop series. With residence in Australia and Orlando, Amber will be riding everyday behind her Wakesetter and also will be producing an all-girls feature film.

"I want the world to see how amazing the girls are riding these days. We will be shooting in everyone's most comfortable environment. For me, I wanted that to be behind a Malibu."

Her reasoning was pretty simple.

"The wake behind a Malibu is rampy, giving you plenty of kick and has a great transition for landing. It is a very consistent wake making it easy to learn new tricks and progress your riding. And the boat has a smooth look which complements the classy Malibu image."

Amber comes from a family of legends on the water. Her uncle, Brett Wing was the best overall waterskier of his time. He is a three-time world overall barefoot champion and set 11 world records in slalom, trick, jump and barefoot. Both Amber and Brett were raised into a family of greatness. "My Grandparents and parents all waterski. My Mother Bronwyn was the 1979 World Race ski champion and my Father Robert hold the backwards barefoot speed record. I'm sure if wakeboarding was around earlier, then Brett would've been amazing at it. My family has tried everything behind a boat, and competed at a high level."

Outside of the Wakesetter's performance, Amber feels like Malibu is a great fit.

"The company has a super-friendly vibe. Everyone who works for Malibu has a passion for the company and it shows." Amber joins a stacked roster of girls on Team Malibu including the legendary Dallas Friday, who is ready to rip this season, as well as 7th ranked Tarah Mikacich, who is the 2011 "Coach of the Year." Be sure to follow Amber throughout the summer on tour and also online:

Amber Wing

Sponsors: Malibu Boats, Oakley, Liquid Force, Rockstar, Wing Wetsuits, The Wakeboard Camp, StraightLine

Titles: Queen of Wake, first female to land a 900 and 720, WWA Worlds, US Nationals, Pro Tour Season, Masters, Wake Games, TransWorld's Best Female Wakeboarder, Alliance Female Rider of the Year

Residence: Sydney, Australia / Orlando, Florida


Speed and line length:** 80-feet / 24.5 m.p.h.