Jobe Sports Signs Abby Delgoffe

JOBE Sports announced today that it have officially signed female wakeboarder Abby Delgoffe to its wakeboard team. The 25-year-old pro wakeboarder and chiropractor has been making major moves forward in the wakeboard scene over the past year.

Along with recently adding a new bag of tricks to her repertoire, she has started an online blog about injury prevention and management for wakeboarders. Abby currently lives in Orlando, Florida, where she trains daily on Lake Holden with her Coach, Cathy Williams.

“Abby really has her head on straight,” said Jobe US National Team Manager, Stephen Marshall. “She’s super focused and motivated to not only ride, but to be a good example to young girls getting into wakeboarding. I am definitely looking forward to what the future will bring for her as part of the JOBE team.”


“I’m excited that with Jobe,” Abby said. “I have an opportunity to be at the start of something. As the company grows, I can grow with it.”

The first day on her JOBE Sports Max Series board was a real eye opener for Abby. She loved how it boosted off the wake and was stoked to not only stomp her usual tricks, but to feel the potential to go bigger than ever before.

After placing third at the 2011 Nautique WWA Nationals in 2011, Abby is planning to attend every stop of the Pro Tour this year to showcase her riding. Make sure you check her out. She’ll be one to watch this year!


Q & A with Newly Signed JOBE Wakeboarder Abby Delgoffe

By: Alicia Halpern

AH: What’s your favorite wakeboarding trick?

AD: I love doing front flips, because you have to be patient and if you time it right, you can go huge, and I love it!


AH: Boat or cable?

AD: Boat. My foundation is with boat riding. I love the atmosphere of being out on the water with my friends and family. I definitely like cable too though. I’ve used it to learn new tricks to take to the boat.

AH: Dogs or cats?


AD: Dogs! I love them but I’m too busy for a dog right now.

AH: What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t riding?

AD: I love training at the gym, yoga or gymnastics. My career has definitely made me more conscious of being healthy.

AH: How long have you been a chiropractor?

AD: Since October of 2011. It’s great because my work goes hand and hand with my wakeboarding.

AH: Is there anything people would be surprised to know about you?

AD: I’m a doctor at age 25… and Ketchup, I put it on everything!

AH: Next contest?

AD: I’ll be riding in the Wall Street rail jam this weekend, but right now I’m training for Wake Games in April.

AH: Anyone you want to thank?

AD: I’d like to thank JOBE, my Mom and Dad, my coach Cathy Williams and Orlando Sports Chiropractic.