Operation Wake Camp At CamSur Watersports Complex

More than 40 new riders showed up for the first-ever Operation Wake Camp at CamSur Watersports Complex in the Philippines on March 5-7, 2011. With a motto of "You Ride, We Guide," the camp was designed for first-time riders age 14 and above. The wake module was prepared for beginners to advanced riders by some of the world’s top coaches and wakeboarders from Republ1c Wake. The participants were composed of mostly Filipino locals but foreigners from Poland, UK and Australia joined in as well.

During the first day, a small program began with an orientation, warm-up and demos by the coaches. This was followed by two days of coaching and a final last day of free-riding. A lot of freebies were given away during the days and nights were spent watching videos and playing drinking games like beer pong and flip-cup. Special awards were given for "Most Improved" Beginner and Intermediate Riders, "Most Energetic Rider" and rider with the "Best Attitude."

Event organizer Diana de Castro (team rider for Oakley, Reef and DC) is a CWC local rider and huge ambassador of the sport in Asia.

“We organized this camp to promote the sport and make the wake community grow bigger in a country where the best cable park in the world exist,” de Castro said. “I think the Philippines could possibly produce the next world champion."

Wakeboarding is growing rapidly in Asia, and events like the Operation Wake Camp are going to accelerate this growth even faster.

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