BABE'S Boat Care Releases Odor Oust

San Carlos, CA - BABE’S Boat Care Products, Inc. presents Odor Oust, a new product geared toward keeping your boat and boating accessories smelling sweet. Odor Oust eliminates musty, moldy smells from your boat’s carpet, and is equally effective on all boating surfaces and accessories - neoprene gear, coolers and anything else you want to keep smelling fresh in the marine environment. Rather than simply masking the smell, BABE'S Odor Oust completely neutralizes odors quickly and easily, making it ideal whether you're putting your boat away for the season or taking it out on its first new run. Nice boat!

BABE’S manufactures a line of innovative, environmentally-sound boat care products specifically geared to the water sports industry and uniquely formulated to preserve precious natural resources. The addition of BABE’S Odor Oust to the family of professional maintenance products makes BABE’S the leading choice for all boating enthusiasts.

BABE’S full environmentally-friendly line includes:

• BABE’S Boat Bright - preserve the shine of gel coat, fiberglass, metal and glass while protecting waterways

• BABE’S Boot Butter - kelp-based binding lubricant that's “slick as snot"

• BABE’S Seat Soap - lifts dirt, scum and suntan oil from vinyl, plastic and leather without harming or drying

• BABE’S Spot Solver - non-abrasive solution that removes hard water spots from gel coat, glass and chrome

• BABE’S Boat Bubbles - leaves your boat spotless

BABE's is manufactured in Hayward, California, and headquartered in San Carlos, California. Visit or call 888.422.2374.