Tigé Announces MyWake Global Wakesurf Winners

November 23, 2010

Abilene, TX – Today’s most progressive wakesurf boat manufacturer, Tigé Boats joined to create the revolutionary MyWake Global Wakesurf Challenge, a summer-long event in which riders from anywhere in the world could submit a video of their best run behind any boat for a chance to win.

“The competition truly went global with athlete registrations from eight countries,” said Daniel Gutierrez, Director of Design & Marketing for Tigé Boats. “It’s very exciting.”


Click on the athlete name to watch their winning run or visit to watch all of the wakesurf videos.


Amateur Men’s Skim

1st: Ellis Fort

Amateur Men’s Surf


1st: Michel Marechal

2nd: RJ Garcia

Amateur Women’s Skim


1st: Adriana Borrelli

Amateur Women’s Skim

1st: Julie Jennings


2nd: Chloe Kinsey

Juniors Under 16

1st: Zane Montgomery

2nd: Thomas Garcia

3rd: Campbell Erickson

Masters Over 40

1st: Scott Culp

2nd: Jeff Walker

3rd: Judy Walker

Open Men’s Skim

1st: Sean Cummings

Open Men’s Surf

1st: James Walker

2nd: Chris Kinsey

Open Women’s Skim

1st: Jaqualine Fort

2nd: Bri Chmel

Open Women’s Surf

1st: Rebecca Ort

2nd: Korina Smyrek

3rd: Ashley Kidd

Surf/Skim Challenge

1st: Sean Cummings


1st: Ashley Kidd

2nd: Sophia Davi

3rd: Jessica Garcia


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