Asian Wake Park Tour hits Lago de Oro Cable Park in the Philippines on November 27 & 28

Tournament Information

The third and final leg of the 2010 Asian Wake Park Tour is coming to Lago de Oro Cable Park on November 27 & 28. It promises to be an action filled event with top professional riders from across the Asian region.

Lago is the first cable ski facility in the Philippines. Located inside the Lago de Oro Beach Resort complex it is the nearest Wake Park to Manila. Guests can stay in one of the 38 air conditioned rooms at the beach resort located in Batangas province right on the coast of the South China Sea.


The 2010 Asian Wake Park Tour event will be combined with the annual Lago Friendship Games that will attract the participation of our local riders.

Pro riders will be competing in three divisions. Valuable points in the Asian Wakeboard Association 2010 tour rankings and cash prizes will be awarded to the top finishers. Amateur riders square off in six divisions and will have the chance to win Cable Ski memberships at Lago, trophies and gear from Stoked Inc.

The Schedule


Friday, November 26 – Free practice for all registered riders

Saturday, November 27 – Qualification Rounds

Sunday, November 28 – Finals and Awarding


The Divisions

1.Mens Novice Wakeboard 2.Mens Advanced Wakeboard 3.Mens Pro Wakeboard (AWPT/AWBA category)

4.Womens Novice Wakeboard 5.Womens Advanced Wakeboard 6.Womens Pro Wakeboard (AWPT/AWBA category)


7.Novice Wakeskate 8.Advanced Wakeskate 9.Pro Wakeskate (AWPT/AWBA category)

Entrants in the Pro Divisions must have been resident in Asia for at least the past year.

The Registration Fees

PhP 2,500 (USD 60) for Professional Categories PhP 1,000 (USD 25) for other Divisions.

The Run

A running order for all riders will be first determined. The rider will begin his pass once he leaves the Starting Dock. The rider will complete one full round and will finish off his run at the kickers closest to the starting dock. Tricks can be performed anywhere in the course with no limit to the number of tricks executed.

The Format

Each competitor will only have 1 pass. Wakeboarders will be allowed 1 fall and wakeskaters are allowed 2 falls. Subsequent falls will end the rider’s run. If a rider falls anywhere along the course, another rope & handle will be sent over, and riders are expected to perform a water start from their point of fall to continue with his pass. A fall during a water start will be counted as a fall. Also, a rider’s pass will end if he falls after he has passed the final corner (the corner nearest to the start dock) even if he still has fall allowances. Riders will be judged on Obstacles (30%), Flat Tricks (30%) and Composition (40%).

The Prizes

Pro Womens Wakeboard: USD 450 / 300 / 150 Pro Mens Wakeboard: USD 750 / 500 / 250 Pro Wakeskate: USD 750 / 500 / 250 Total: USD 3,900

All other categories: Lago de Oro Cable Ski Memberships and product prizes from Stoked Inc. and Banana Boat

Registration Forms, Waivers and more details about Lago de Oro can be found on our web site: