Indmar Engines Introduces Factory 5-Year Warranty

Indmar Engines has revealed the details of its all-new five-year factory warranty program available on all 2011 Indmar Engines. Its called the Factory 5-Year Warranty and provides wakeboard boat owners with a hassle-free ownership experience.

The Factory 5-year warranty is fully backed by Indmar Engines and does not include an outsourced third party. Coverage under the program is the same on the last day as it is on the first and the warranty is also fully transferable.

“With five consecutive recognitions from the NMMA for outstanding customer service, offering the Factory 5 on all 2011 Indmar Marine Engines is a testament to Team Indmar’s commitment to building the highest-quality engines available on the market,” explained Chuck Rowe, President of Indmar Marine Engines. “Warranting our engines for five years speaks volumes about the integrity of each engine we manufacture while providing the consumer with something a little more than just talk, a true five-year warranty and a lot of confidence.”

Every new owner who takes advantage of Indmar Engines' Factory 5 Protection Plan will experience a seamless extension between product warranty and insurance coverage. This means Indmar Engines owners experience a very smooth transition whether they have a warranty claim or an accident. No other protection plan has the level of service or is as comprehensive as the Factory 5. To offer this level of protection, Indmar Engines has partnered with Boaters Insurance Agency, one of the leading insurance providers in the industry that specializes in wakeboard boats.

To qualify for the Factory 5, an Indmar Engines owner must insure their wakeboard boat with Boaters Insurance at time of purchase or no later than 60 days from the date of delivery. That’s it. Once his wakeboard boat has been insured with Boater’s Insurance Agency, the Indmar Engines owner is automatically enrolled in the Factory 5 program.

In response to the partnership, Boater’s Insurance Agency has created an extremely unique coverage plan that is only available to Indmar Engines owners. Boater’s Insurance Agency's rates are competitive and they offer several payment options for Indmar Engines owners to choose from.

To learn more about the truly unique benefits of the insurance policy, go to