Centurion Launches New Website

On the cutting edge of marketing with links to its facebook page, Twitter page and the company's blog, as well as the forefront of boat technology with its new Pro Vision Dash, Centurion's new website is sure to be a huge asset to the company in 2010.  Pro Vision Dash is a content rich custom digital dash replete with engine monitoring systems, rider presets, ballast operations, graphic depth finder, air/ water temp, compass, stereo controls, live camera connection and even video/ DVD playback.

Another huge asset to consumers is Centurion's boat builder. Each model

is shown in photographic quality with the ability to change and save literally millions of colorway possibilities.  Build your dream machine from the comfort of your couch.

Also new for 2010, Centurion has teamed with PCM engines to offer a complete lineup of catalyzed options. Centurionʼs proprietary Gladiator tower has won applause for its streamlined and futuristic styling, and offers a growing number of tower options for 2010.  Zero Off speed control is offered on all models and plugs elegantly into Centurion's new automotive-style wiring harnesses.

Be sure to visit the new centurion.com for these and more features and innovations.