Malibu Boat Trip: Fox Racing MX Team

September 29, 2009

Fox Racing’s MX Team at Lake Shasta with a Malibu Wakesetter VLX.

Every year Fox Racing rewards their motocross team with a group vacation for a job well done. This year the Fox Wake Team took it upon themselves to show the MX Team some love. Fox MX Team Riders Brett Metcalfe, Jeff Emig, Ricky Carmichael, Ivan Tedesco, Daniel Reardon and Trey Canard met Todd Hicks, the Fox Brothers, Shaun Murray and Chris Bischoff in Lake Shasta, California for a weekend of wakeboarding and wakesurfing behind a Malibu Boats Wakesetter VLX.

Todd Hicks, Fox Wake Team Manager, explained the tradition of the team trip and the motivation for this year’s outing. “We have visited Hawaii a couple of times with the athletes. MX Team has enjoyed surfing with the worlds best surfers, so this year we wanted to give back from our wake team side. Our Fox Team managers wanted to let the MX crew enjoy some wakeboarding.”

Hicks put the call into Malibu Boats requesting the big wakes of the Wakesetter VLX. “I went ahead and picked it up from the factory on our way to Shasta. My mouth dropped as I approached the Malibu Factory. There was the sickest looking boat sitting out front of the place. I thought there was no way that was the boat we were going to use. Sure enough, I was told this was our boat.” Hicks added, “I about passed out!”


Hicks recruited wakeboard legend and Fox Wake Team Rider, Shaun Murray, to play the role of wake coach for the weekend. According to Hicks, “Murray is the only man you would want on your houseboat trip teaching top notch moto athletes how to wakeboard.”

Chris Bischoff or “Bisch” as they call him, was along to assist in the wakeboard instruction and document the trip with tons of photos. When Bisch was asked how it all went, he had this to say, “It was awesome and all the boys were super stoked. It was such a fun weekend.”

Even on a fun, relaxing weekend after a grueling year of supercross and outdoor motocross, the Fox MX Riders couldn’t fight their need for more competition. They went head-to-head behind the Malibu Wakesetter VLX trying to one-up each other with wakeboard moves. So Bisch and Murray acted as judges in this impromptu wakeboard competition. Bisch said, “They got so into it!”


The Fox MX Team received VIP treatment at Lake Shasta for their reward trip. Fox provided the Malibu Boats 2009 Wakesetter VLX as well as all the gear the guys needed to wakeboard and wakesurf. They stayed in a four level houseboat fully stocked for the trip and by every account a good time was had by all.

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