Body Glove Videos on iTunes

Body Glove Entertainment videos are now available to download directly to your iPod. Just type "Body Glove" in the iTunes search bar and click Body Glove Podcast for a free subscription that gives you up-to-date videos of the entire Body Glove crew.

Check out everything from team videos and adventures in Japan to the ever popular "Behind the Scenes: Body Glove Bikini Photo Shoots."

"Body Glove's entertainment department is working very hard and producing some incredible videos," Vice President of Marketing, Scott Daley, says. "We want to make our content as accessible as possible and having a podcast on iTunes is just another great way to reach our consumers."

With over 40 videos already loaded to the podcast, and many more to follow, you can stay up-to-date with your favorite surf brand in a very unique way. Start with "The Bill and Bob Story" to find out how the world's first wetsuit was invented and why Body Glove is still the oldest family-owned surf company in the biz.

For more information on Body Glove and the team go to and check out their blog at