CWB Board Company is excited to deliver its latest project dubbed CWB_TV. Armed with an HD video camera, a handful of ideas, and absolutely no idea how to shoot and edit video, the crew behind CWB will deliver to you all that is the wakeboard industry, through the eyes of the team. CWB_TV is a fresh look at the wake industry, from what it takes to shoot a product ad and team poster, to hanging out in a random hotel with ten team riders prior to a tour stop, as well as some behind-the-scenes free ride sessions.

Tune in to episode ONE.1 for Andrew Adkison's Blue Angels ride, along with cockpit footage of him pulling 7.5G's. Slated to launch in March, Episode ONE.1 will also include Derek Grasman returning to the water after shattering his leg, and a quick tour through the L.A. Boat Show, which is the largest of its kind in the world.

Start stretching out kids, you may just be on TV this season.

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