Soven 2007 WWA World Series Champion!

For the first time in history, one rider has won all 5 stops of the WWA Wakeboard World Series. 2007 has been the year of the Phillip Soven show, and he sealed the deal last weekend during Boardstock in Clear Lake, California.

Soven has had a long year of traveling the globe and riding against all of the top riders in the sport. “The World Series is a great because it incorporates competitions worldwide so you get a taste of everything from Japan to the U.S.” said Soven. The series started at the Gravity Games in Sydney, Australia in December of ’06 with a first place win for Soven and a second place victory for a rider that would nip at Soven’s heels all season long, Andrew Adkison. Adkison placed 2nd in the 2006 WWA World Series, and he was hungry all year long for the coveted title. “The World Series is where the best in the world truly from an international field come to compete. The World Series brings out the most diverse and highest level of riding from around the world. It differs from any other annual series in that it doesn’t happen in a three month snap shot of riding. The World Series takes place over nearly a year of riding. So if you want to be on top you have to earn it from December to October. That’s the World Series” stated Adkison. Andrew received three 2nd place victories throughout the season, the later two being at Wakestock in Toronto, Canada, and the Nissan X-Trail Cup hosted in Tokyo, Japan. Although Andrew has ridden magnificent all season and accumulated 440 points, it’s been tough road to haul battling Soven.

JD Webb out of beautiful Polk County, Florida placed 3rd in the series overall with 410 points and had two 2nd place finishes this year at The Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Supra in Reno, Nevada, and at Boardstock in Clear Lake, California. This is Webb’s first year riding in all five stops of the World Series and he was pumped to be able to ride consistently throughout the year. “The World Series was way different than any other series for me because I was able to travel all over the world and associate myself with awesome people at each event. I was stoked to be a part of it.”


It’s been a great year for the WWA Wakeboard World Series, and 2008 looks to be just as exciting. The WWA continues to be the only association that gives the largest payout for an international series, amounting in over $200,000 in prize money. Congratulations to Phillip Soven for winning an additional $10,000 for the overall series win!

More info on the WWA Wakeboard World Series and the 2007 final standings can be found on


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