Bonifay, Murray Tops at Double Or Nothing

Shane Bonifay stomped a toeside backside 720 to win Best Trick and Shaun Murray boosted a huge Raley to win Biggest Air at the fourth annual Parks’ Double Or Nothing double-up contest in Lake Wales, Florida.

Murray’s Biggest Air-winning Raley had a duration of 53.5 video frames, one fewer than Chad Sharpe’s biggest recorded air from the 2004 Double Or Nothing.

“It’s incredible to see Shaun back from his knee injury and be able to charge it like he did,” Parks said. “First he got 51 and 52 frames, then there was one double-up that he got every piece of. To come out and win Biggest Air after what he’s been through is amazing and I definitely look up to Murray for that.”


Shane’s toeside backside 720 was the first ever landed in a contest. He also finished second in the Biggest Air category with a Batwing attempt that lasted 53 video frames.

Parks was impressed by the tricks attempted, which included 1080s, backside 900s and double back roll to blinds, by the 20 qualified riders. “This event brings out the highest level of riding, and it’s important for the sport to have this,” Bonifay said. “It’s wakeboarding to the max.”

Red Bull stepped it up big time with an energy station as well as some improvements for photography and video, including high reaches and a helicopter for the first time at Double Or Nothing. Fox Riders Co. macked out the riders with custom jerseys and the X-Star served up the meaty double-ups.


Parks would like to thank Red Bull, MasterCraft and Fox Riders Co. for sponsoring the Double Or Nothing as well as Bubbalous BBQ and Cypress Gardens Scuba Ski for lake access. “These sponsors mean everything to this event,” Bonifay said. “Red Bull, Fox and MasterCraft have been behind me ever since I came up with the idea, and it wouldn’t happen without them.”


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