Reef Cleans Up New Backyard

Reef held a cleanup May 11 at the Carlsbad Lagoon, the backyard of its new global headquarters. The lagoon cleanup, which was conducted with the help of the Reef Redemption Foundation and the Surfrider Foundation, is one example of Reef's new focus on being environmentally conscious.

"Reef has created the Reef Redemption Foundation to employ environmentally conscious business practices and to create a culture of giving. Our goal is to evaluate Reef's day-to-day business activities and find ways to reduce our energy and material usage, which will infiltrate into every part of our business in the future," said Mike Gass, Chairman of the Reef Redemption Foundation.

Starting with its new global headquarters, Reef has already begun to take steps towards making an environmental difference. The new office building utilizes recyclable furniture, energy star appliances, reclaimed wood in conference rooms, skylights for natural light and censored lights. Additionally, half of the building uses recycled carpet, while the other half features polished concrete floors. Reef now uses a green cleaning company for all janitorial needs while employees have adopted an internal recycling program.

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