Hansen Wins Rockstar Rail Jam

Reed Hansen landed a 360 shove-it, backside big spin, kickflip and varial flip to beat Nick Taylor in the head-to-head final of The Rockstar Energy Drink Rail Jam and win the first stop of the 2007 Byerly Toe Jam Wakeskate Tour at The Projects in Orlando, Florida. Hansen, Taylor and George Daniels qualified for the invite-only Toe Jam Tour final, which will also be held at The Projects September 20-22.

Sixteen wakeskaters competed in the final round of the three-day event. The finalists were towed around 10 apparatus behind the Sea-Doo Wake Edition PWC and were judged on rail moves as well as moves on the water.

Despite falling to Hansen in the final, Taylor, 17, was a standout rider, qualifying for the head-to-head final in both wake and rail park events. Brandon Thomas showed his experience as last year’s champion, riding near flawlessly and pulling a frontside boardslide to backside big spin off the box. He was also five for five on kickflips. Brian Grubb also stood strong, pulling backside lipslide shove-its and boardslide big spins as a helicopter buzzed overhead. Earlier on the final day, Hansen landed a 360 flip from inside out (of the Sea-Doo wake) and rode incredibly smooth all day long.


Three stops remain on the 2007 Byerly Toe Jam Tour. The Rockstar Cable Jam will be held June 7-9 at the Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels, Texas. The Rockstar/Hippodrome Wake Jam will be held July 12-14 in Toledo, Washington. The final event of the tour, The O’Neill Byerly Toe Jam will be held Sept. 20-22 at The Projects.

Scott Byerly would like to thank Rockstar Energy Drink, Sea-Doo, Gator Boards, Air Nautiques, O’Neill, Reef, Arnette and Performance Ski & Surf. Special thanks also goes out to Pat Panakos and The Projects for hosting the best wakeskating contests ever.

Anyone can ride at The Projects anytime. Log on to to find out how.


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Results (4/21/2007):

Qualifying round 1 1. Hampson, Danny 63.33
2. Cambell, Steven 56.67
Qualifying round 2 1. Taylor, Nick 60
2. Gregory, Chase 56.67
Qualifying round 3 1. Grubb, Brian 71.67
2. Ruark, John 51.67
Qualifying round 4 1. Hanson, David 71.67
2. Becqueriaux, Luis 41.67
Qualifying round 5 1. Basino, Phillip 66.67
2. Danielo, Drew 51.67
Qualifying round 6 1. Daniels, George 80
2. Kaiser, Ben 70
Qualifying round 7 1. Thomas, Brandon 73.33
2. Reed, Aaron 63.33
Qualifying round 8 1. Hansen, Reed 88.33
2. Manzari, Matt 70
Quarterfinal 1 1. Taylor, Nick 75
2. Hanson, David 50
Quarterfinal 2 1. Thomas, Brandon 80
2. Hampson, Danny 63.33
Quarterfinal 3 1. Hansen, Reed 80
2. Basino, Phillip 60
Quarterfinal 4 1. Grubb, Brian 80
2. Daniels, George 65
Semifinal 1 1.Taylor, Nick 91.67
2. Grubb, Brian 80
Semifinal 2 1. Hansen, Reed 91.67
2. Thomas, Brandon 85
Final 1. Hansen, Reed 81.67
2. Taylor, Nick 71.67