Inland Surfer

Inland Surfer boards are designed by and for riders to provide the finest wakesurf boards available today for use behind inboard boats. As a pioneer in the wake surfing movement we are dedicated to constant innovation, cutting edge design and the highest quality for our boards.

Inland Surfer innovations include:

Vortex Channel, which speeds up water and injects air near the tip of the board producing a faster board and avoids pearling (nose diving).

Progressive Edge, which holds the board close to the wake without creating unwanted drag.

WoodLoc process, which inserts laminated layers of wood into the board increasing rigidity, stuffiness and overall performance.

Inland Surfer offers a full line of wake surfing boards for all skill levels and sizes of rider (click here for our rider and board chart). The 07 Inland Surfer collection consists of the 5'6" Blue Lake, the 4'6" Yellow Loogey and the 5'6" Red Tide. Look for our new model, the 4-Skim to be available late 06.