Gettin' Bigger

Orlando, Fla. - Hundreds of wakeboarding fans and A-list Ronix dealers gathered at the Orlando Watersports Complex on Thursday, September 14, for a star-studded awards party for the Third Annual Parks Bonifay Double Or Nothing Double-Up Contest, sponsored by Red Bull, MasterCraft, Fox Riders Co., and Ronix.

After a torrential downpour subsided, the crowd gathered around the big screen for a video compiled by Parks and Shane Bonifay, summarizing the event and showing highlights, which would later be voted on by the riders for the "Best Trick" award.

"Biggest Air," like always, would be determined by examining frames of video to see how long each rider was in the air. Randall Harris went big on his stalefish front flips, scoring 49 frames of air time (at about 30 frames per second). Shaun Murray went a bit bigger with his Air Raley, logging 51 frames, but this was Rusty Malinoski's time to shine -- his huge indy glide totaled 53 frames.

Now that this event is in its third year, the leader for all-time biggest air is still Chad Sharpe, who went 57 frames in 2004 on his massive tail glide. The amazing part is that he actually rode away from the move (which was not required to win), and most riders think that will be tough to beat, except Sharpe. "I'm going for over 60 frames next year," said the Canadian Cannonball. "I think it can be done."

"Best Trick" was voted on after all the riders saw the video. Andrew Adkison got some redemption from last year when his nose mobe 540 was voted best, even against other hammers like Cab 900s from Malinoski and Danny Harf, a wrapped heelside, frontside mute 720 from Randall Harris, mute crow mobe 540 from Erik Ruck, a heelside backside corked 720 from Brett "Ike" Eisenhauer and a double back roll from Daniel Watkins.

Watkins definitely impressed the field during the contest as he attempted a double back roll to blind on his first trick. He was also the first rider off the dock and came very close to this amazing move. Adkison almost stomped a nose mobe 720 and Danny Harf came dangerously close to his switch heelside 1080. Look for all of these incredible moves to be released on the Pointless Productions website and in a film later this year.

As the cash was doled out and prizes were given away for the Team Red Bull NASCAR Driving Experiences, DJ Irie from the Miami Heat fired up the turntables, Red Bull and Bong vodkas flowed quickly and the fans were treated to a stellar evening. Parks is looking to grow this event for next year, and offer the opportunity for regional riders all over the U.S. to have a chance to compete for "Biggest Air," so start charging those meaty double ups and we'll see you next year.

Parks would like to thank Red Bull, Fox Riders Co., MasterCraft and Ronix for making this event a huge success.