Sidewayz June Update

Hey everybody, It's Holly here. I hope you're having a super duper summer. If you guys haven't seen "In It's Travels" you're definitely missing out, all the cool people already have it and are talking about it. This hot new wakeskate film has been doing so well, it has my vote for number one wake-skate film of the year. Check it out for yourselves by clicking on the hyperlink below!
Click here to see the teaser

Also, this week we should be getting "Refraction" in.
Click here to see the teaser

Volume Wakeskate Videos- Issue # 3 is also on the way. Issue 3 starts off with a day in the life of George Daniels. Follow George around for a whole day and see just how many tricks can be done in one day. Scott Byerly, Brian Grubb, Aaron Reed, George Daniels, and Drew Mcguckin take a road trip to Mexico. That line up should speak for itself but let me just say this is the best footage from a wakeskate trip yet.

Oh and by the way, we are sending out a three hour shop loop here pretty soon so it should be showing up on your shop doorsteps! If you have any other questions you can get a hold of Eric at for all of the Eastern and Central shops, and me at for all of the Pacific and Mountain shops. If you just want to blab away e-mail Hope you get out there and enjoy the sun and the water this summer! Talk to you soon!

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