Summer Sessions Update #3

Hello All,

The summer is going great; we had the best May in the history of Briscoe's Summer Sessions. Our only slow clinic so far was Rinkers Boat World in Houston. Although we did have the best set up we've ever had in Houston. Chris and Adam had us parked on Lake Houston at the Texas Adaptive Aquatics Water Sports facility. What an amazing set up, on the water with complete hook ups for the RV. Roger Randall was our host, owner and President of the facility.

We ended up with one full day of students and made the best out of it. To be honest it was nice to have a couple days off to get caught up on some other things.

From Houston we moved toward Oklahoma City, OK. On the 26th of May. We arrived at Boat & RV World owned and operated by Shorty Rodgers. Some of you may remember Shorty from dealings with Waterski Boats of Dallas. Shorty was involved with our introduction to LED lights, and the Stoker 200 amp Alternator. He was so involved with the industry on the side that he decided to sell his business and jump into the industry with both feet. Unfortunately for us the Supra and Moomba dealers were all sowed up in the area he's bought into. So he has become a Nautique and Centurion Dealer. Along with the other 8 lines of boats they carry. He is struggling hard to become a CWB dealer. Which I hope he gets because he's got an amazing location with more square footage than I've ever seen. They currently carry No Fear and are looking in the future to get Moomba and his first love Supra into Oklahoma City. I also went through the Roswell line with Shorty and many of his customers; the boy's at Roswell hopefully will get him set up.

Since it was Memorial Day Weekend that we were there Shorty lined up a Private lake for the clinics. It was a nice small man made lake but unfortunately had the wrong wind for 3 days. We made the best out of the rough water anyway and had 2 completely full days of clinics. This was also the last Clinic I had Ben Lawson with me. You'll notice on my website that I've made Ben the May rider of the month. What a huge help Ben was on the road, Great rider and even better Worker. I miss him already. We are working on getting Ben on the Promo Team for Moomba.

Ben Leaving brought in my wife, Renee and son, Chad. Chad has stepped into Ben's roll well with helping on the tour. And thank God, Renee has taken over the retail end of the tour with Roswell and No Fear product.

We got to spend our last night in town in Oklahoma City on their river walk. What a cool set up, Man made river with Bars and Restaurants on both sides and river cruise boats cruising up and down the strip. We had a great night out and paid for it the next day. YES!

We packed up on the 29th and started our trek toward Colorado. Next stop Rocky Mountain Boat Company, in Pueblo West. We stopped for a few photo's coming into the Rockies. Played tourist a little checking out the Santa Fe Trail, which was the original border of Mexico and U.S. I never new we took that much away from Mexico. All of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Half of Cali, and a piece of Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. That's a lot of dirt.

Anyway, this was our first stop ever in Colorado. Our first impression was amazing with the Dealership. What an amazing showroom. I'm sure the photos won't do it justice. Very impressive use of space to say the least. Larry and Bill definitely put the Red Carpet out for us. We had a Campsite near the South Marina on the Reservoir, had our own Boat slip, catered lunch, and more hospitality than we could handle. The clinic was a huge success, 3 full days of clinic's on the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, and a Dealer day on Sunday the 4th. We took 125 pictures of the event which have already been sent to be posted on the website. Larry & Lynn Owners and Bill and Mary showed us an amazing time from the dinners too the History of the town, to the Hospitality at their house (and what an amazing house) this has been an incredible stop. We will definitely be back next year. Most of the Students have already booked in.

Today we are going to take a day off and go White Water Rafting and enjoy some of the Rockies while we can.

Tomorrow we star the drive to Lenexa, KS. After we pick up some more No Fear drink here in Pueblo. The drink has been a huge hit on the tour.

Talk to you soon,