Cablestock 2006 recap

TSR’s fourth annual Cablestock event lived up to expectations with beautiful weather and a full slate of action sports competitions. Cablestock 2006 had more than 100 wakeboard athletes competing in five divisions of wakeboarding and wakeskating. The event included a winch exhibition on the cable lake, bikini contest, and plenty of live music.

The festivities kicked off bright and early Friday morning when the advanced wakeboarders hit the cable lake for their qualifying rounds. In between competitions throughout the weekend the public had the opportunity to take advantage of the facilities and try their luck on the cable lake. Once things slowed down athletes and spectators were able to kick back and relax with music on the main stage from FAMBLY, a local hip-hop band out of San Marcos.

The chaos continued Saturday as advanced and intermediate wakeboarders finished up with finals early and were able to hang around to catch the women’s and pro’s divisions preliminary rounds. Once the women and pros did their thing on both the cable and boat lakes it was time for the winch exhibition on the cable lake. Under 360 productions once again pulled some of the top riders in the country with their winch. This crazy day would not have been complete without the lovely ladies strutting their stuff on the main stage during the bikini contest. Eleven Finger Charlie wrapped up the evening on the main stage with some much needed relaxing reggae.


Sunday began with the Last Chance Qualifiers for the women and pro divisions on the cable and boat lakes. Sadly, the final rounds came and went quickly. Tom Fooshe dominated the pro cable division. His run included a hs bs 7, sw 9, s-mobe, slim chance, mobe and switch mobe and he killed the Liquid Force A-Frame. It was Tom’s overall riding style on both air tricks and obstacles that made him clear-cut favorite. The battle was on for second with the place ultimately going to Josh Rice who also displayed a good mixture between air tricks and obstacle use to edge out two south Florida riders: Marc Shuster and Rob Mapp who placed third and fourth respectively.

On the boat side of things Andrew Adkison saw his first ever loss at TSR. Andrew who had been undefeated in over 20 head to head matchups and heats at TSR was finally beaten by Jeff Weatherall who eventually went on to win the boat event. The head to head matchup was the closest of the day and was unfortunate that either rider had to lose. The awards ceremony was held on the main stage Sunday evening and TSR was forced to say goodbye to all the talented athletes until Cablestock 2007.

If you missed it look for a recap in the September issue of Wakeboarding Magazine, which had the whole crew out to TSR for the whole week. If you are impatient and can’t wait should have a video recap up very soon!


Cable Pro WB Results:
1. Tom Fooshee
2. Josh Rice
3. Marc Shuster
4. Rob Mapp
5. Josh Wright
6. Kenny Sampson
7. Lu Le
8. Chad Forrest

Boat Pro WB Results:
1. Jeff Weatherall
2. Ryan Anderson
3. Andrew Adkison
4. Tino Santori
5T. Gabe Lucas
5T. Dustin Shows
5T. Tom Fooshee
5T. Mitch Bergsma

Cable Adv WB Results:
1. Mate Tokay
2. Matt Hickman
3. Josh Bank
4. Travis Putnam
5. Preston Henry
6. Blake Vorwald


Cable Int WB Results:
1. Bowen Lipinski
2. Tyler German
3. Nathan Kneupper
4. Michael Bank
5. John Brooks
6. Kalan Robinson

Cable Womens Results:
1. Heather Johnson
2. Holland Finley
3. Kasie Kiser
4. Kelli Fedorchak
5. Danielle Coney
6. Katy Cowey

Boat Adv WB Results:
1. Brett Hickey
2. Danny Sherrill
3. Robert Moore
4. Josh Banks
5. Rusty Scott
6. John Auliick


Boat Int WB Results:
1. JB Oneill
2. Cody Johnson
3. Bubba Gainan
4. Brian Hambrick
5. Matt Wendell
6. Travis Inella

Boat Womens Results:
1. Heather Johnson
2. Tina Spalten
3. Mackenzie Barnett
4. Kasie Kiser
5. Tia Martinez

Boat Wakeskate Results:
1. Jesse Landry
2. Kyle Hyams
3. Richie McKee
4. Brandon Thomas
5. Aaron Reed NS
6. Sammy Woodson

Cable Wakeskate Results:
1. Bret Little
2. Chris Jordan
3. Justin Dahan
4. Kyle Hyams
5. Travis Hallmark
6. Mitch Hallmark