New Swag and Online Membership Available on

The World Wakeboard Association has brought in some merchandise to sell on! A plethora of wakeboard videos are available for purchase and now you can buy a WWA membership online. On top of that, each month we'll be running specials on certain wakeboard flicks, so be sure to check the site frequently to see which video is featured. All of this is under the "WWA Swag" tab on

This month our two specials are "The Good Times", a wakeboard film with some wakeskating (MSRP $26.95), and the instructional "The Book Box Set", a 5-disc series with everything you could ever know about wakeboarding (MSRP $99.95). If you order these this month, you'll receive 10% off!

Be sure to sign up for your WWA membership online by clicking the "Membership" tab on!