Byerly Toe Jam - Day 3 (Finals)

The Projects rail park hosted one of the most exciting battles ever on Saturday at the 3rd Annual Byerly Toe Jam, and the finalists' road to success wasn't easy.

Behind the PWC, Kyle Walton and Aaron Reed had the best match-up of the day, landing numerous hammers with Walton sticking a front board 270 shove off the incline rail and Reed pulling his notorious front board backside big spin off the O'Neill box. However, Brandon Thomas was able to overtake Reed in the finals, also landing a front board "back-big" in addition to two different frontside big spins off the box as well.

The Best Trick Winch event allowed each rider five pulls. Notable moves were Philip Basino's front board 270 shove, Clint Tompkins' back lip shove, Aaron Rathy's handrail back lip, Drew McGuckin's shove-indy and Brandon Thomas' switch backside boardslide to big spin. The riders voted for best trick and Thomas won by only one vote. This capped off a clean sweep of all three events, an unprecedented feat that will be hard for anyone to ever duplicate.

"This was the best I've ever ridden," said Thomas. "The energy out there was crazy and the other guys were riding so good. I really can't believe this happened and that I was able to ride like that today."

Word on the street for 2007 is that the Byerly Toe Jam is going nationwide and will be bigger and better than ever. Scott Byerly would like to thank his presenting sponsor O'Neill, as well as Nautiques, Hyperlite, Reef, Arnette, Performance Ski & Surf and Southeast Correct Craft.

PWC (Rail) Results

First Round (head-to-head)
1. Kyle Hyams
2. Matt Hooker

1. Ryan Doyle
2. Drew McGuckin

1. Aaron Reed
2. Danny Hampson

1. Philip Basino
2. George Daniels

1. Kyle Walton
2. Clint Tompkins

1. Aaron Rathy
2. Tim Kovcacich

1. Scott Byerly
2. Thomas Horrell

1. Brandon Thomas
2. Brian Grubb

Second Round (Quarterfinals)
1. Aaron Rathy
2. Kyle Hyams

1. Aaron Reed
2. Ryan Doyle

1. Brandon Thomas
2. Philip Basino

1. Kyle Walton
2. Scott Byerly

Third Round (Semifinals)
1. Brandon Thomas
2. Aaron Rathy

1. Aaron Reed
2. Kyle Walton

1. Brandon Thomas
2. Aaron Reed