(Merced, CA) - The new Malibu Precision Pro Speed Control makes its home in every 2006 Malibu boat. Building from the new standard Electronic Throttle Control, Precision Pro Speed Control delivers accurate user-friendly speed control to be used in any number of sport boating situations. From low speed surfing and boarding disciplines to crisp, steady slalom speeds, this speed control is unmatched with its combination of consistency, usability and value.

Set the desired speed at Malibu's new Graphical LCD. Choose either Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) or Miles Per Hour (MPH) base velocity. Throttle up and when the actual pace of the boat approaches your set speed you will notice an audible signal and the words "Cruise Eng" on the Graphical LCD. Position the throttle and Precision Pro takes over.

"Precision Pro Speed Control is so easy to use," commented Paul Singer, Malibu's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We tested the usability of this new feature with a group of 2 to 6-year-olds. They were cruising at a set speed in a matter of minutes, with parental supervision of course."

Simplicity of design is just one of the goals Malibu engineers met when designing Precision Pro Speed Control. Another must-have element was extreme consistency. Precision Pro Speed Control keeps a constant speed even with a rider cutting hard in tow. Precision Pro will also hold steady when the Power Wedge is being deployed. The rider won't feel a thing, but uninterrupted power.

A feature as innovative as Precision Pro Speed Control would normally translate to more money for the buyer, but that is not how Malibu Boats works. At Malibu they believe boat owners deserve tremendous value as well as performance. Speed control no longer is an option that violates your boat-buying budget. Malibu has made it part of the package and not just on higher priced models. It is standard on every 2006 boat they make.

Since Malibu's inception in 1982 President/CEO Robert Alkema's mission has been very simple even if the evolution of design and engineering has become increasingly complex. "Build the best boat possible. Enjoy your workplace. Give Malibu owners the best value." This is an oath and a standard that the people of Malibu Boats believe they are bound to uphold. They build the best boat and have fun doing it and that dedication bleeds over into everything that wears the Malibu brand.