January 27, 2006

MERCED, CA–The Power Wedge increases wake size and modifies wake shape with the push of a button at the dash. No more filling, draining, loading or unloading ballast. Malibu wake characteristics can now be tweaked mid-session and customized from rider to rider in a matter of seconds.

“The power wedge is the best wakeboarding accessory to be introduced since the tower,” praised Darin Shapiro, World Champion wakeboarder and Team Malibu member. Shapiro explained, “I love the Power Wedge because of the control it gives me to shape the wake however I want. When I have students at my camp, Ride the Spot, who want an adjusted wake there is no problem. I don’t have to spend time filling or draining phat sacks or removing ballast. I only have to push a button and it’s done!”

The Power Wedge adds another dimension of versatility to any Malibu model. This automatic hydrofoil can be set to almost any position between stowed and fully engaged for extreme customization. The variety of settings allows the driver to tailor the each pull specifically for the athlete in tow. Ready to try that big air move you have been working on? Give the sign for “more wake” and the driver can move the Power Wedge to as much as 1200 pounds of displacement with the push of a button. Not quite ready for that much wake? Signal the driver to back the wake down to as little as 400 pounds of displacement and you can ride back into your comfort zone.


Unlike competitor wake enhancement attempts, Malibu’s Power Wedge adjusts the attitude of the boat, as well as displacing the hull. The shape of the wake is modified at each different Power Wedge position. You do not have to be locked into one style of riding because the onboard ballast is too difficult to adjust. The Power Wedge helps you explore a wide selection of wake styles with ease. The Power Wedge takes Malibu versatility a step beyond.

Since Malibu’s inception in 1982 President/CEO Robert Alkema’s mission has been very simple even if the evolution of design and engineering has become increasingly complex. “Build the best boat possible. Enjoy your workplace. Give Malibu owners the best value.” This is an oath and a standard that the people of Malibu Boats believe they are bound to uphold. They build the best boat and have fun doing it and that dedication bleeds over into everything that wears the Malibu brand.

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